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How to write a book review

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Kevin Griffith

on 12 April 2012

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Transcript of How to write a book review

Transitions: The Known-new contract
The states have a legitimate interest in compensating plaintiffs for damage to reputation inflicted through defamatory publications. While recognizing that “some tension exists between the need for a vigorous and uninhibited press and the legitimate interest in redressing wrongful injury,” the U.S. Supreme Court has stressed that the plaintiff’s right to the protection of his reputation must not be sacrificed when the court balances these two competing interests.

In an attempt to balance the interests of the media against the interests of the plaintiffs injured by defamatory statements. . . .

Notice how the topic sentence of the second paragraph carries the last thought of the previous paragraph before moving on to new information.
Integrating Quotes

In the poem, the speaker says, "I am a dead man" (2).

In the poem, the speaker makes a cry of pain: "I am a dead man" (2).

In the poem, the speaker states that "I am a dead man" (2).
In-text citations:

NEVER SAY On page 99 of Frankenstein, the narrator says, "Blah, blah, blah."
The Works Cited Page

All papers will have a "Works Cited" page


Thesis: state your opinion with reasons:

(remember to italicize titles of books) is one of the great works of Romantic literature because it illustrates the inner turmoil of its narrator, and, to a greater extent, the inner turmoil of its author, Mary Shelley.
Want to get a bad grade?

Write a thesis like this:

Frankenstein is filled with both good and bad things.


I really, really, really, like Frankenstein a lot.
Give your review a good title.

Not: "My Review"


No Exit
: Three's a Crowd


After your intro,
write no more than a two-paragraph summary
of the book.

III. The Body of the paper. The body should evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the book. The paragraphs in the body should each be organized around a specific criterion you use to evaluate a book. Make sure you use actual quotes to back up your assertions. NO PARAPHRASING.

Here are some criteria reviewers examine when making judgments:
--Originality of ideas
--Strength of the writer’s voice
-- Style
--Effectiveness of character development
--Use of Engaging Themes



IV. Conclusion that sums up your assertions and offers a final bit of advice to potential readers of the book.

VI. Attach a works cited page that lists bibliographic information.
Save the review as YOURLASTNAMEUC311spr17

E-mail me a copy at kgriffit@capital.edu



Make sure you have clear transitions
between paragraphs that follow the "known-new"
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