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The Vegetarian Community

This Prezi focuses on the vegetarian community. In this prezi community is defined and vegetarians are identified as a unique community.

Alexandra Law

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Vegetarian Community

What are the types of vegetarians? Why should I become a part of the vegetarian community? Vegetarian Community It Promotes Good Health! Lacto-ovo Vegetarians Consume dairy, egg, and no meat products Lacto-Vegetarians Include only Dairy and no meat in their diet Total Vegetarians Eat only plant food such as vegetables and fruits
Exclude ALL dairy, egg, and meat products from their diet Include fish in diet but exclude meat Pesco-Vegetarians Pollo-Vegetarians Eat poultry like Chicken, Duck, and Turkey Vegans Consume NO Animal Products Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular & Heart Disease Ethical Reasons A brief History of Vegetarianism
The beliefs of the ancient vegetarian community are still
upheld by the comtemporary vegetarian community today! First introduced by Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher Socrates & Plato also were vegetarians In Asia, Buddhists, Hindus & Jainists adopted a vegetarian diet and these practices have been preserved over the centuries and are apparent in today's society! Arrival in the United States The Bible Christian Group of Philadelphia
eliminated meat from their diets Sylvester Graham & William Metcalf were the leaders of the Bible Christian Group of Philadelphia Graham founded the North American Vegetarian Society in 1850
Which still exists today! John Harvey Kellogg was resposible for
enlarging and uniting the American vegetarian community Kellogg founded the Battle Creek Sanatarium and Kellogg's cereal company and
advocated a diet containig only fruits, vegetables, and grains Religious Beliefs Preference Economic Reasons Ovo-Vegetarians Consume eggs but exclude meat and dairy Vegetarians a healthier BMI than meat-eaters Vegetarians consume a lower
number of calories because their diets include a lot of nutrient dense foods As a result of weight control, vegetarians weigh less and have a 6-17% lower body weight than non-vegetarians Reduces your chance of experiencing heart disease by 50%! Polyunsaturated fats like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids found in salmon and olive oil reduce cholesterol Vegetarians exclude bad fats which are typically found in meats and are
proven to increase the chance of developing heart disease and high cholesterol Slashes the risk of developing cancer! Consumption of red meat is
associated with colon, esophageal, liver, lung & stomach cancer! Only 29% of vegetarians will develop cancer while 33% of non-vegetarians will develop cancer Reduces the risk of becoming
obese and developing diabetes Vegetarianians avoid the risk of contracting E.coli,
Mad cow disease and other poisons found in meat! E. Coli can be found in foods such
as beef and sausage and can result in death! Humans can contract Mad Cow disease by
eating the meat of an infected cow
Symptoms include demetia and paralysis and it can result in death. Livestock such as chicken and cattle are injected
with numerous and harmful hormones, toxins, and antibiotics such as DDT which is associated with cancer NOT!!!! Environmental Benefits Inhuman methods are used to kill animals such as
electricution, decaptiation, bleeding to death, asphixiation, and burning The beaks and feet of turkies and chickens are cut off Slaughter houses are cruel to Animals Animals are confined to small spaces and are drugged with antibiotics and growth hormones Animals should be loved not eaten Meat tastes bad Meat is too expensive!
Vegetarian food is cheaper! Religions such as hinduism and buddhism
abstain from meat The harmful health effects of eating meat lead to
an increase in health care costs Due to a greater demand for meat more land is being
used to raise livestock and results in deforestation and destruction of wildlife habitat Raising livestock is expensive and a waste of precious natural resources Who can be a part of the
vegetarian community???? Everyone can!!!! Children Teenagers The Elderly Men Women Approximately 13 million
Americans are vegetarians! 3% of children and teenagers follow A vegetarian diet 2.3% of American Adults are vegetarians Adults 70% of vegetarians are women National Vegetarian community
organizations Verde Club at FSU Provides vegetarian and Vegan workshops for Vegetarians and non-vegetarians Raises awareness about a meat-free diet by hosting events such as MeatOut Day Provides vegetarian friendly recipes accessible to FSU students The purpose of MeatOut Day is to educate the public about a vegetarian diet and challenge them to abstain from meat for a day Petitions Suwannee and Fresh foods to provide Vegetarian friendly dishes accessible to non-meat eating students TalVeg
Tallahassee Vegetarian Community Vegetarian Communities
At Florida State University Organizes dinners at local restaurants that are Vegetarian friendly Organizes Social events intended to bring together Tallahassee's Vegetarian Community Provides cooking classes to help potential and veteran vegetarians learn new meatless recipes These social events bring together both vegetarians and nonvegetarian by educating the general public about this unique lifestyle Unites the community of vegetarians
At FSU for a common cause Members and nonmembers can connect
on Facebook Even encourages vegetarians to keep an open mind about a nonvegetarian lifestyle by celebrating "Being A Carnivore Day" where they serve meat dishes Appeals both to vegetarian and nonvegetarian community Encourages nonvegetarians to abopt Meatless Monday.
Every Monday nonvegetarians must abtain from meat Community is defined as a group of individuals who uphold the same beliefs, ideals, morals Why do people join these communities? Helps promote A vegetarian diet to the public and abolish stereotypes about this community They Share the same beliefs that Animals are living things and deserve rights and should not be killed for food Provides subscriptions to Vegetarian magazines Offers volunteer opportunities to educate people outside of this community and spread their beliefs Create lasting friendships with local members of this community Early Beginnings Vegetarian community today v.s. the Ancient vegetarian community Despite the time and cultural differences, the practices of vegetarians have remained consistent throughout the centuries What is a community? How are vegetarians a community? Vegetarians qualify as a community because they have similar beliefs and morals!
They are united in their cause to protect animals, the environment, and promote good health and well being! Unites people together for a common goal What are the beliefs of the vegetarian community???? Vegetarians are a group of individuals who abstain from meat encompasses all vegetarians across the world Believed that consuming meat was A "fall from innocence"
Eliminated meat from his diet Abstain from meat products Still believe in not including meat in their diet
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