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3rd Europe Housing Forum Recommendations

Affordability, Sustainability, Livability

Barbora Fricova

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of 3rd Europe Housing Forum Recommendations

3rd Europe Housing Forum

Boost housing and rental
unit supply in the EU
Policy commitment to increase the local housing stock
Change investment regulations, embrace private public partnerships and other financial models
Ensure percentage of housing construction earmarked for rent
Formalize rental market and improve tenant rights
Tax breaks for renters/depreciation for landlords
Introduce cooperatives and other rental models to increase supply and reduce costs
Harmonize financial
regulations for microfinance
Reduce speculation and improve regulation of mortgage markets
Develop inclusive energy efficiency policies to provide comprehensive solutions for renovation and consumer/private sector/government investment
Introduce formal financial education policy in schools
Develop impact study on how migration affects housing
Ensure social housing is integrated into national/municipal planning models to reduce segregation and improve social cohesion, involving housing and local actors
View social interventions as ‘profitable’ community investments rather than decrease of developer ROI
Shift from short-term market-driven policies to long-term positive societal impact
Ensure community participation and use of best practice
Invest in hospitals, schools, etc., to start positively changing communities
Integrate strategies such as transport, employment, health, and social care in community development policy and benchmark outcomes
Employ facilitators and develop leaders to encourage community participation
Help taxpayers demand services that they need
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