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Pencil Sharpeners

No description

Bin Ikram

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Pencil Sharpeners

Pencil sharpeners Intro Do you ever wonder what natural resources they use making the thing that you use everyday. It could be in school, office, home, and many other places. It is used when the led is broken for the pencil. Yes, a pencil sharpener. If you do not know what natural resource they use making a sharpener or how the natural resource turns in to a pencil sharpener then find out. What natural resource is used to make pencil sharpeners? Not all the sharpeners are made from the natural resource. For example they make plastic from the stuff that is recycled for the plastic sharpeners, but what about the wooden sharpeners. Of course they use wood that they get from the trees (which is one of the natural resource), but what resource do they use for the blade and the tiny screw. Well they use metal for the blade and the screw. The type of metals they use is steel or magnesium and most of the steel they use is either recycled steel or made brand new. By: Bin How do those resources turn into a pencil sharpener? .

Next step is what makes pencil sharpeners useful and that step is to place the blade after it has been in NITRIC ACID which is highly corrosive and that's why the metal pencil sharpeners are always shiny and looks brand new. And then the pencil sharpener is completed (for wooden sharpeners this step is skipped). First they chop down the tree for the wood (for wooden pencil sharpeners) or get magnesium (for metal pencil sharpeners). If it is a wooden then they cut the branches off and take the tree to the factory The first step in the factory is to put the resource in the industrial cutter which cuts the resource down into the size of the pencil sharpeners and makes the body of it. The pencil sharpeners are then loaded in the next machine. In this machine the pencil sharpener gets cut to the shape of the pencil sharpener and then makes the hole for your pencil to fit in. Now you can put your pencil in the sharpener, but it would be same as you had the pencil before. So that's why the next machine drills a tiny hole for the screw and cuts the front where the blade will be placed. This step is repeated again to avoid sharp edges. The industrial cutter. The wooden sticks used to make wooden pencil sharpeners. The magnesium rods used to make metal pencil sharpeners. The machine that is used to drill the hole to make your pencil fit. Nitric Acid I will say it before the teachers says it. THANKS FOR BEING A GREAT AUDIENCE!!! =D Fact: Swedish inventor Peter Svensson built the world's strongest pencil sharpener using a 670 horse power Centurion tank engine Conclusion I hope you guys learned a lot of things and the answer to the question that I asked in the introduction.
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