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Science Project

Alex Kosla

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Bootes

Bootes The Herdsman Bootes is supposedly Acras, the son of Zeus and Castillo. rcturus 4th brightest star in sky called bear watcher pparent magnitude of -.04 lpha star Izar ne has apparent magnitude of 2.59 double star other has apparent magnitude of 5.12 epsilon Delta Bootis very little is known of it pparent magnitude of 3.47 star lkalurops mu triple star lkalurops a= 4.3 lkalurops b = 6.98 lkalurops c = 7.63 Nekkar Seginus Rho Bootis Sigma Bootis Fun Facts:
The name Bootes comes from the latin Bovis, meaning cows or oxen, therefore, Bootes is a herder of cows orange 3,500-5000 (C)
6,332-9,032 (F)
3,773-5,273 (K) A white range O 3500-500 C
7,500-10,000 C
13,532-18,032 F A constellation's 6th brightest star means ox-driver B class (blue-white) dwarf star will soon become a red giant 10,000 C - 30,000 C 6,000-7,500 C class A giant (uncommon) name originally meant bootes, but was mangled in translation surrounded by mysterious dust cloud for no apparent reason fourth brightest star in Bootes class K giant not that close to Sigma class F dwarf not a double star with Rho might have planets Murphid name is similar to alone in arabic the sun's really brother really metal rich (rare) Big Star Table Arcturus Color Star Temperature (C) Letter Orange 3,500-5,000 Alpha Izar Orange 3,500-5,000 Epsilon Murphid Yellow 5,000-6,000 Eta Delta Bootis Yellow 5,000-6,000 Delta Seginus Blue-White 7,500-10,000 Gamma Ursa Minor/Big Dipper Canes Venatici Coma Berenieces
Hercules Serpens Caput Corona Borealis Draco Virgo Libra ootes B Hera, out of anger at Zeus for his adulterous affair with Callisto, turned her into a bear. Acras nearly killed Callisto while he was hunting, but Callisto was saved by Zeus. Zeus then placed Callisto in the sky as a great bear (what a wonderful way to spend the rest of your days!) and Acras (Bootes) continuosly follows her. Other sources say Callisto was a disciple of Artemis. All of Artemis's followers had to swear to stay clean of men. When Artemis found out that Callisto had broken the oath, Artemis turned her into a bear. Bootes has long since been a constellation, in fact, it is one of the oldest. Bootes was first mentioned by Homer in the Odyssey, but Bootes may have been recognized as early as Sumer! one of the oldest stars in the sky Bootes can be seen on most Northern Hemisphere nights, espically in early June; It always is southwest of the Big Dipper's tail. Pronounced boo-OH-teez
(Boo Oh Tease) bet
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