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I Am Presentation

No description

Chan Park

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of I Am Presentation

I AM...
My family consists of five members: me, my sister Flora, my dad, my mom, and my dog Choco. Usually we're a pretty happy family. However, these days my sister gets a lot of stress from her SAT's and AP classes (she's in 11th grade) so atmosphere sometimes gets a little tense. My parents are good parents. My dad is really nice to us and helps us whenever we ask for it, and my mother supports our decisions and views, even if she may be occasionally strict. Flora, my sister, is usually pretty bossy in her know-it-all way, as expected of an older sibling, but she's sometimes really nice and fun. My dog Choco used to dislike me quite a lot because I annoyed him in all kinds of creative ways, but he now tolerates me; when I call for him, he comes wagging his tail (this is probably because he thinks I have a treat but that's not very important).
I'm Korean-American. This doesn't mean that I am only into the Korean pop and Korean dramas, as Korea is known for having a great entertainment industry, but that my genetic roots trace back to Korea and that I follow the traditions, including learning about the language and history.
To put it simply, music is my life. I
listening to music. I listen to many different genres, including alternative, classical, pop, indie, and rock. Usually, I get bored of so many artists (because of constant listening) that I have to look for new artists weekly. Additionally, I listen to music of other countries, especially Korean pop, but also occasional Chinese, French, and Japanese music (some of my favorite artists sing some of their songs in these languages). Some artists that i listen to include:
James Blunt
, Maroon 5, Five for Fighting,

Twenty One Pilots
, and
Walk the Moon
I like to travel because I enjoy going through new experiences and meeting many different kinds of people. Also, this does not specify to only traveling geographically, but idealogically as well. Going through new ideas and seeing if they work or not is entertaining for me, as I get bored easily; I like to be constantly on the move doing something new. This is not always good, as the times I go to bed and wake up are not regular, resulting in constant tiredness, but it also energizes me too. New people are always fun, except for when they seem suspicious (because they could be criminals who are just trying to steal your possessions). Talking with new people give me new ideas to consider and the pride of making a new friend. Geographically, I've only been to Korea and parts around the United States, but hearing about all the exotic food and beautiful places around the world make me excited.
The Korean language is pretty complex; probably not as much as Chinese, but still complex. There are 10 pure vowels, 11 compound vowels, 14 basic consonants, and 5 double consonants. Additionally, most Koreans learn hanja, a mixture of Korean and Chinese characters by the end of their high school years.
History and resulting Traditions
The Korean history was a little more passive than America's, and not as many people know it. At first, Korea was a union of small little kingdoms. Then it got taken over by Japan; however, the Koreans revolted and gained independence. People still celebrate this National Liberation Day of Korea on August 15th. Then, there was the Korean War, where North Korea went to war with South Korea from 1950 to 1953. This war is a little more known because of Chinese and American assists.
I am an archer. I shoot targets (not people) as an offical sport. For archery, I go to a club with around 10 members and 6 coaches who rotate through the sessions. We shoot from 20 meters to 70 meters away, even though I usually shoot at 30 or 50 meters. I do recurve archery, so the bow looks quite elegant, but strong. Archery is fun, mainly because of all the patience and mental games you have; for example at competitions, the difference between 1st and 2nd place is usually 5 points, which could be decided in one shot. This sport is also physically draining, as lifting the heavy metal bow and pulling back the string multiple times is exhausting. I would recommend this sport, but it is expensive to start and keep playing.
These are pictures of my dog Choco; I couldn't find any current pictures of my family except for him.
My cello!!
MY Arrows
My bow looks like this, except it is red and silver.
Only one of the places I want to go
I play the cello, a type of string instrument. I started it 5 and a half years ago, and have enjoyed it ever since , resulting in many changes between teachers for the
amount of education and fun. I started it because of my sister, who plays violin, and my love of how the cello sounds; I didn't choose the violin because it sounds too high and squeaky for my taste. So far, I haven't had many achievements besides placements in orchestras sadly. However, my sister has; she went to Carnegie Hall in New York to play with her trio. I went along because I turned the pages for them.
I am sitting next to the piano player, even though I am too far away to be seen clearly.
On the left is Bigbang, a Korean Band
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