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Reading as a Physiological Process

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jewel grace abejuela

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Reading as a Physiological Process

1. Organic or physiological process and the mental or Cognitive Process
Reading as a Physiological Process
5. Mid-brain
6. The ability to identify and recognize words, but the act of reading does not take place if the letters are perceived in isolation
7. The cerebral cortex interprets the symbols
8. Studies show eye movement in reading with the eye perceiving and pausing on the printed material horizontally from left to right and top-to-bottom or right to left and bottom-to-top
9. Eye movements:
a. Fixation or the eyes stopping or getting fixated on the word or words.
b. Inter-fixation or the eyes moving from stopping point to the other

c. Return sweeps with the eyes swinging back from the end line to the beginning of the next line.
d. Short quick and jump movements called saccades
e. Regressions or backward right-to-left movement
2.Identify and recognize the printed words or images
3. The light patterns from the printed symbols hit the foveal areas or closely packed sensory cell of retina.
4. Optic nerve fiber
f. Span of recognition or the eyes recognition of a group of words. Readers can add to their reading ability by widening the span of recognition by means of chunking of phrases, a focus on the total word pattern.
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