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Human Environment Interaction

No description

Alexa Ramirez

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Human Environment Interaction

Like this picture of a plane, Most of the people travel going onto a plane most of the people go from one country to the other.
Movement is another theme that people move from 1 place to another in different country's and states. Some people need to move because they may get better jobs, or move food to other places. Most of the people move for the Movement og goods.
What Do They Build??
Human Environment is people that Invent new things Every Year. They Build Buildings, Stores, Houses, And Even School's. The Human Environment Can Build So Much.
Bad Things Human Environment
Some bad things that the Human Environment do are that they cut trees down, they harm plants and harm poor creatures like Rhinos and Cows.
Earth is a geography of Earth features, Earth's Land changes over time, Some of these changes are caused by the nature. Some are caused by People.
Human Environment
What Is Human Environment Interaction??
The Human Environment are Humans, The Earth and Animals. Some Human's do bad things and good things. People build buildings and more. People also Move from Place to place which is called Movement.
Now that we all know about the Human Environment Interaction we will conclude... My Conclusion is some times we do bad and good things and nature very important. We use some of earths materials. We sometimes do good things to.
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