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Journey of Chris McCandless

Map of places, events and people that Chris encountered during his journey.

Classof2016 2016ofClass

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Journey of Chris McCandless

June 1990
Chris leaves Atlanta, to begin his journey. July 6, 1990 Lake Mead National Recreation Area/Detrital Wash September 10, 1990 Wayne Westerberg gives Chris a ride, the first time they meet. July/August 1990 Jan Burres and her boyfriend pick up Chris December 2, 1990 Reaches Morelos Dam and the Mexican Border December 10, 1990- January 15 1991 Gulf of California Duck hunters drive Chris to Gulf of California, from there he pulls his canoe around and tries to seek refuge. January 18, 1991 Border of US Chris is caught by US immigration officials when trying to go back to US. Chris spends a night in jail. January-February 1991 Houston, Texas Chris travels southwest. Houston is as far as he went east. February 3, 1991 Los Angeles, California Chris goes to LA to apply for an ID and a job, but then changes his mind. February 9, 1991 Grand Canyon Chris camps with a couple from Germany and loses over 25 pounds February 24, 1991 Lake Mead/Detrital Wash July-August 1991 Chris lives on coast of Oregon and sends a postcard to Jan Burres. October 1991 Bullhead City, Arizona Chris works at McDonalds for 2 months and lives in an RV of Charlie December 13, 1991 Niland, California Chris shows up at The Slabs where Jan Burres is staying. January 1992 Salton Sea, California Chris meets Ronald Franz March 12, 1991 Coachella, California Chris calls Franz to pick him up March 14, 1992 Franz drives Chris to Grand Junction and drops him off, it was the last Franz heard of Chris. Grand Junction, Colorado March 14- 28, 1992 Carthage, South Dakota Works at Westerberg's grain elevator April 13-15, 1992 Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada Chris is stuck for two days here until he gets a ride with Gaylord Stuckey April 18-21, 1992 University of Alaska's Fairbanks Chris goes to read about edible plants and buys a used gun and sends postcards. April 28, 1992 Jim Gallien picks up Chris on the highway and brings him to the Stampede Trail. Jim was the last person to see Chris alive. May 1- August 18/19, 1992 Stampede Trail, Alaska Chris finds an old bus beside the Sushana River, eats plants and eventually kills animals for food. Tries to go back but cannot cross the River. Dies of Starvation in the bus along the Sushana River in Alaska. Chris's Datsun gets stuck in a flash flood and he buries some belongings here and leaves Chris stops by and recovers a few of his belongings that he buried. Orick/Orick Beach Cut bank, Montana
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