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It tells about the Ancient Aztec Government!!!

Meredith Opie

on 11 February 2013

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The Huey Tlatcani The structure of ancient Aztec Government Tonochtitlan was the leading city,
their leaders led the entire empire.

Their leader, Huey Tlatcani, was also known as the Great Speaker.

Heuy Tlatcani had power from their semi-democratic system but could have been removed as leader at
any time.

Nobility and Councils had much power in the Aztec government.

Mostly the city councils held the power in the Aztec government.

By the mid 1400s three city-states, that were also very powerful, formed the Triple Alliance in central Mexico, the three cities were Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopan. AZTEC GOVERNMENT • The leadership of the Capulli was responsible for the basic needs of the group.

•They set up a school called the Telpochalli for the Capulli citizens.

•The structure of the local government existed long before the Aztec government. The Capulli Nobility and Councils Ancient Aztec Government
got its main structure from
all different parts of its
society. The Power of
the Empire Warriors would sometimes make smaller
attacks on the people in the area and then would take them as prisoners to be sacrificed.

Any land that was conquered had to pay tribute.

The expansion of the empire was a big benefit for the people who conquered, but the conquered people still fearfully obeyed.

Many of the Aztecs got angry causing them to turn on the empire even when they were given the chance by the Spanish. MEREDITH BY: OPIE
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