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PPI - Asset Management & Inventory

Asset management and inventory with the Topcon IP-S2 mobile scanning & imaging system

Richard Hill

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of PPI - Asset Management & Inventory

Asset Mangement & Inventory Topcon IP-S2
3D Mobile Scanning & Imaging System Architects



Owners Why use Mobile Scanning?

Safe: Map everything from the safety your vehicle

Complete: Get all information needed and more

Fast: Reduce weeks of data collection to just hours

Efficient: High accuracy at roadway speeds Applications

Accurate geospatial system maps
Expansion studies
Risk management
Environmental reporting
Local condition assessment for repair operations More Applications

Power Utility Mapping
Pole inventory / Joint Use Audit
Risk Management
Vegetation Management

Infrastructure and Asset Management
Utility structure location

Roads / Streets / Highway Mapping
3D Surface Conditions
Inventory Pavement conditions
Change Detection over time

Disaster response planning

Railway Corridor Mapping via: oil-electric Safe Complete
GNSS Receiver Delivers the Position Information to the System (Latitude, Longitude and Altitude)
40 Channel GPS L1/L2 & GLONASS L1/L2

IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) Supplies Accurate Altitude Data for the System (Roll, Pitch and Heading information)
Either 1°/hr or 3°/hr Gyro Bias

Vehicle Odometry Information is Obtained Via External Wheel Speed Sensors or From the Vehicle’s CAN Bus
(Used to estimate the velocity and position based off a known location) Fast Efficient Collect Desired Routes via: City of Troutdale 3D Mobile Scanning & Imaging
Project Worflow Plan out your drive! #1 Combine
Wheel Encoders
LiDAR / Point Cloud
Spherical Images Post-Process Your Drive Corrected Trajectory Spatial Factory Software
- Point Cloud & Image Viewer

Orbit GIS
- GIS Solution Software

Virtual Geomatics
- Engineering Solution Software

LadyBug Camera Software
-Photos only viewer Spatial Factory
Software Preview Richard Hill
Laser Scanning Sales & Support
The PPI Group
Portland: (800) 247-1927
Seattle: (800) 558-5368 for
Asset Management & Inventory
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