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02.04 Coming to America: Assignment

No description

M. Ramjas

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of 02.04 Coming to America: Assignment

For which home country are you writing the guide?


What immigration laws may apply to immigrants using your guide?

Upon your arrival, you'll be faced with a wide range of new rules, much different then the rules that you have back home. You must abide by these rules, and if you are to break them, you may be punished.
What can immigrants expect their journey to be like?

As a German, you can expect a very long, tedious, and harsh journey. You will most likely be placed below deck, amongst the ship's steering mechanisms. It will be cramped and their is a high chance someone around you will be or become ill during the voyage.
What can immigrants expect immediately upon arrival?

Upon arrival, you will be inspected for diseases, questioned about your background, and also questioned about your political views. If your condition and answers don't please your inspector, you may be denied access into the U.S.
What types of jobs are available for people from that home country?

As a German settler, you would probably move to Texas, where you would find communities like Fredericksburg. You would then begin working as a farmer or work in service jobs like baking or sewing.
Where are immigrants from the home country likely to settle? Why?

You would most likely settle in a neighborhood where fellow imigrants from your country settled. This would allow for you to uphold traditions
What will life be like once the immigrants are settled in the United States?
It will be rather difficult at first, especially having to adjust to your new lifestyle. A new home, new job, the new envioriment, it will all take a toll on you. But as time progresses, you will begin to adjust
02.04 Coming to America: Assignment

Michael D. Ramjas
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