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September 11 attacks

No description

Tino Helenius

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of September 11 attacks

were a series of terrorist attacks made by the islamic group Al-Qaeda
the attacks started early in the morning on september 11th 2001 when 19 men hijacked 4 commercial passenger airliners 2 of the planes crashed into the WTC twin towers, 1 into the Pentagon and the last plane crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania
September 11 attacks the flights the american airlines flight 11:

Boston Los Angeles
it was hijacked 15 min after it got up in the air, by 5 of the terrorists
crashed into the WTC nort tower at 8.46 am
the united airlines flight 175:

Boston Los angeles
was also hijacked by 5 of the terrorists, about 30 min after it got up in the air
it crashed into the WTC south tower at 9.03 am the american airlines flight 77

washington Los angeles
aslo hijacked by 5 of the terrorists
crashed into the pentagon at 09.37 am the united airlines flight 93

new jersey san fransisco
hijacked by 4 of the terrorists
the passengers decided to fight back
the plane chrashed in a field in shanksville, pennsylvania
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