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Ojon Marketing

No description

Katie Wharmby

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Ojon Marketing

volume advance Holiday Set
Launched in August 2013

rare blend moisture therapy conditioner
10 Year Anniversary
The ability to serve people with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors.

FY14 saw additions to core ranges, catering to the modern day hair needs and wants of consumers.
Ranked #8 SKU

Sold £9.5K in the first month

rare blend moisture-rich cleansing conditioner
It's about exploration and experimentation
Cocktailing to personalise your hair regime to your hair needs
educating the consumer about the benefits of this unique range
and creating theatre on counter to tell the Ojon story
Cultural Relevancy
Restorative Hair Treatment
Ojon Scalp Ritual
Damage Reverse
rare blend protecting spray
rare blend oil
Moisture Therapy & Rejuvenating Therapy
rare blend infusion shampoo
Launched in November 2013

Ranked #10 SKU

Sold £12.5K in the first month
rare blend tamer
Launched November 2013
Become the authority in restorative hair treatments
Own the oil category
Tell the Ojon Story
Number 1 SKU since launch
OCD: 8th September 2014

RRP: £25 / €30
Holiday Gift Wrap
OCD: 21st January 2015
RRP: £23
Intensively hydrating conditioner

For medium textured hair
Over 1k units sold
FY14 % Mix by Category
2000 times the length of *Rapunzels Hair
*Hair Length:20metres

20 x the height of Big Ben
OCD: October 2014
OCD: 11th August 2014
RRP: £18.50 / €22
Did you know?
Did you know?
Did you know?
Did you know?
Did you know?
Refocusing on core
59% MOB
Over 11 years ago Ojon's founder, Denis Simioni, discovered the powerful capabilities of the Ojon elixir...
Damage Reverse Thickening
For Ojon, FY15 isn't just about newness...
Cocktail the products to discover new ways to use Ojon
Explore, experiment and excite with the SCALP RITUAL!
Share the Ojon Story
Retail Highlights
Boots Promotion
Dates : 29th October – 26th November

FSDU in 112 Stores

Rare Blend

If each advisor sold one more unit of RHT each day...


10% of total Ojon business

worth £345k

Buy a shampoo and receive a complimentary conditioner

Rare Blend Oils
Total Oils worth

of the total RBO business

Oils were
of the total RBO category

(vs 4% in FY14)

Restorative Hair Treatment
Restorative Treatment category worth

of the restorative category

68% of the Total Restorative Treatment category

Total Damage Reverse category +28% in LFL Doors
worth £250k

12% of the Total Ojon Boots Business
36k units

an extra £730k
and we are ranked
#3 Premium Haircare Brand*
*NPD results
£3.7M Total Sales
176k Units
Last year
Ojon FY15
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