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What Are the Parts of a Science Fair Project?

Parts of a science project and what you need to do to create a great project.

Dot Leach

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of What Are the Parts of a Science Fair Project?

Title All projects should have a title The title should be related to the project. Materials Materials are everything
that you use in your project. Purpose The purpose tells
why you are doing the project
and what you hope to find out
from doing it. Hypothesis What is a hypothesis? A hypothesis is an
educated guess based
on the information
that is available. Parts of a Science Fair Project Conclusion The conclusion is when
you tell what you learened and
the results. You also tell whether
your hypothesis was correct or not. Procedure List all of the step used
in completing your experiment.
Remember to number your steps
Be sure to include measurements
Add photos of you doing your experiment Results Tell what happened when
you did your project. Graphs, Charts, Data It is easier to understand
data if it is put into a table or graph Create a graph in
Microsoft Excel Make sure all data is
clearly labeled Pictures Pictures tell the storyof you
doing your science project. Remember that your display
tells the person looking at
everything about your project Pictures are not neccessary, but it will earn you extra points. Research
All projects must have a written report. Your report should be 2-3 pages in length and typed. You should have the following in your report Cover page
Title of project
Grade/Room # Written Report Summarize you research
Be sure to include information about some of the materials that you used in your project
All reports should be typed
Report should be written in APA format Bibliography Be sure to include print and electronic sources arranged in ABC order Variables Display Examples DRAFT
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