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Snack Pakaging

No description

Daizysha Brown

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Snack Pakaging

Snack Packaging By: Daizysha Brown
Per 1 4-22-10 Lays Potato Chip This bag of chips look full don't they?
Though they look full, the bag is filled mostly with air. The Lay's
Potato chips company make the bag look full so you think that
you are getting more chips when you are actually getting less. The reason foil packaging
is bad for the environment is because when you throw your chip bags on the ground, you are polluting the earth.
You can stop the flow of ground water, which stops plant growth. Which also means less oxygen for us to breath. All potato chip bags should be plant based so that they will not be harmful for the environment.
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