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How to publish your news on

Opening an account and publishing your news

Konstantinos Giantsios

on 15 May 2011

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Transcript of How to publish your news on

Two types of accounts Create company profile
List in Company Directory
Publish your news
Create your own blog Create personal profile
Upload LinkedIn profile
Invite friends & create groups
Create your own blog Corporate Account Personal Account Home Page - Register/Login Quick & Simple Publishing Manage, edit & publish! Login to your account Account Menu & Tools Registration Form Register - Edit Profile - Publish! Creating a Corporate Account Go to homepage
Click on the Register button
Complete you Company information using a corporate email address
Confirm your email address
We will check & approve your application
You are now ready to Edit your Company Profile & Publish your news! Fill-in form
Confirm email
We'll review & approve your application
You are ready to go! Contact us at:
Follow us at:
wtmnews @ LinkedIn
wtmnews greece @ Facebook
wtmnewsgr @ Twitter You are live!
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