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Coral Reefs

No description

Victoria Ayars

on 8 December 2017

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Transcript of Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs
By: Victoria A
Examples: Nudibranchs, Black tip reef sharks, Groupers, Clown fish, eels, parrot fish, Jelly fish , sea stars, crabs, shrimp, catfish, clam, squid, sea cucumbers, etc.

Global Coral occur in a salninity range between 32 and 40. Coral reefs also thrive in radically high and low salinity condtions.
Salinity Levels in the Coral Reefs
Water depth in the Coral Reefs is actually pretty shallow. Most depths are under 150 feet.
Water depth in the coral reefs
Animals in the Coral Reefs
Water temp in the coral reefs

Reef bulding cannot with stand water tempeture under 64 degrees farenthight. However in optiomal condtions they water would be between 73 and 84 degrees farenthight.
Plant Life in the coral reefs
Alagae, seagrass, and zooxantheallae are the main plants in the coral reefs. The plants give off oxygen and intake carbon dioxide. This helps regulate the water in the ocean. Seagrass is one, if not the most inportant plant in the Coral Reefs because it provides shelter for smal reef animals such as lobster, and conch.
What do organisms feed on in the Coral Reefs?
Many animals eat some parts of the coral reefs. As well as plants around the coral reefs. As far as the actual corals goes many eat zooxanthellae, as well a zooplankton.
Are the coral reefs a permenate or tempry habitat?

Coral reefs are a permenate habitat, there has to be certain condtions for the corals to grow and only certain areas have those. So the corals are going to stick around if the condtions are right. If they are not and they change the coral is probably not going to grow el, if at all. So the coral reefs are a perment habitat.
Where Coral Reefs are located
Coral reefs are located on the ocean floors of troptical oceans near the equater. Typically on the shallower parts.
Human interaction in the coral reefs
Often times in Coral Reefs people will often go snorkling, which in most scenarios don't desterb the reefs, but some people do disturb them which can cause some issues. Same kind of thing goes for fishing. In some places around the world it is illegal to fish in the coral reefs, however in other places it is perfectly ok. Some fishing is good because it helps regulate fish numbers and can help prevent overpopulation, and on the other hand overfishing can cause a decrease in the fish population, which for obvouis reasons is defaniantly not a good thing.
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