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The Giver José David

No description


on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of The Giver José David

The Giver
By: Jose David
5 Grade
1.Dwelling: A shelter
2.Seldom:not often
3.Random:Out of the nowhere
4.Expanse:wide escape
5. Acquire:gain,come to poses
6.Solemnly:deeply earnest
8.Winsome:ability to see what's wrong or good.
10.Excepted:freed from the duty etc.
11.Ruefully:sorrow or regret
12:Drenched:to wet thorough fully
13.Imploring: begging
15.Croaking:deep harsh sound
18.Splintery:splint or torn
19Grimy:dirty over a surface
20.Streaked: marked with streak
21.Whining: A horse sound
24.Sprawled:to spread
26.Immobilized:can't move
27.Retroactive:Applying a period of prior enacment.
28.Standardize: Comparing with a standard
29.Chastisement: Punished severely
30.Bridle:part of a horse harness

Main Character
The main character is Jonas. He has no last name. He is the main character because the book is on Jonas perspective. It always talks about Jonas. Jonas was good because he saved a child's life. But he destroyed the way of living of his community. He was the person that was supposed to bear all good and bad things so when he escaped all the people had those feelings.
All of the story takes place at a community except for a part of the book when the story takes place outside the community in a road.
The plot is that Jonas is growing up and he gets the job of receiver the most important job. He meets the Giver and gets trained. Now he has feelings and bears memories.
My opinion is that the climax is at the end but there's more places that can be the climax such as when Jonas gets his job.
This book is science fiction because it has medicine,technology and it's fiction. It has medicine because there's a injection that kills people silently. It has technology because there's a receiver machine that show releasing ceremonies. There's fiction because Jonas can transmit memories by touching people.
Characters are believable because they have normal traits there's not inhuman things.
I would like to meet the Giver because he's wise and friendly.
Yes I liked
because he's funny and good friend.
A.Baby Gabriel came to live with Jonas family
B. Jonas got his as job as the receiver
C.Jonas meets the The Giver
D. Jonas is trained gets memories and knows the secret of the releasing ceremonies
E. Jonas escapes the community.
This book is very interesting and I absolutely love it.This book definitely deserves it's John Newbery Medal 10 out of ten.Definitely a 5 star book.
Book by: Lois Lowry
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