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The Bridge From me to you

No description

Lauren Haberichter

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of The Bridge From me to you

The Bridge From Me To You
1. "How far do you have to go to really leave the pat behind?" pg. 127
Settings and Visualize
By Lisa Schroeder
The Bridge From me to you
2. "Sometimes you need to burn bridges to stop yourself from crossing them again." pg.251
3. "I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying who hears or what they think" pg. 183
Football field- Colby plays on the football field every Friday night. This is also where Colby won the championship and Lauren and Colby kissed here too.
Home- Lauren lives here with her Aunt Erica and Uncle Josh's house. Colby has picked her up here on a date.
The Jiffy Mart- This is where Colby asked Lauren on there first date.
The author is trying to send a message. I think she is saying to just be yourself. Do what makes you happy.
3 Main Characters
Lauren- Lauren is a girl who moved in with her Aunt Erica. Lauren has long, brown wavy hair. Lauren is wearing a pink tank, jean shorts, and gold sandals.
Colby is a guy who lives with his grandparent and his father. Colby is a football player and his biggest dreams is to go to the championships. Colby has blonde hair with curls. Colby is wearing jeans, a blue shirt, and tennis shoes.
Benny- Benny is Colby's best friend. Benny got in a motorcycle accident and can't play football anymore due to brain injuries.
1. Lauren and Colby met at the coffee shop.
2. Colby asked Lauren to go to the lake party. Lauren met Stasia and became good friends. Benny got in a motorcycle accident after the party can't play football due to brain injuries.
3. Colby asked Lauren on a date. Colby had to cancel because his dad said he needed to practice on football.
4. Colby got to the championship and won but Lauren said she was moving to North Carolina with her mom.
5. Colby made the winning touchdown and Lauren surprised him and said that I'm not going to North Carolina and gave him a kiss.
Lauren ends up not moving! Lauren and Benny surprised Colby at the championship. Colby won the winning touchdown! At the end of the game Lauren and Colby kissed in the middle of the football field.
The theme of this book is to be yourself and do what makes you happy!
Simile and Metaphor
Simile- Colby said Lauren is a cute as a kitten.

Metaphor- Now that Benny is out of the woods.
Personal Connection
I think that I am a lot like Lauren because I'm close to my Aunt and Uncle like she is. Lauren is like me because she also has the same name as me.
The Genre of this book is Realistic Fiction and Drama.
The Bridge From Me To You is about this girl named Lauren who moves in with her Aunt Erica and her Uncle Josh. Colby is a very good football player who wants to win the championship. Lauren met Colby at the market downtown. Colby asked Lauren if she wanted to go to the party at the lake. Lauren said yes, so she got her swimming suit and waited for Colby to pick her up. On the way there Colby stopped at this really old covered bridge. Colby loves bridges. Colby asked Lauren what do you really like? Lauren said she is fascinated by birds. Colby and Lauren decided that they were going to go to the lake party. Colby introduced Lauren to all of his friends and the football team. Colby said since your from Seattle you might want to meet this girl Stasia from Seattle too. Lauren went over to Stasia and they became very good friends. Colby asked Lauren if she wanted to jump of the rope into the lake and Lauren said sure. Lauren was so scared to jump off the rope but Colby told her don't be scared I'll be rate there with you. Lauren and Colby jumped off together and Colby just loved the feeling of being there with Lauren. Colby took Lauren home and then Colby went home. When Colby got home his Grandma and Grandpa told him to get in here really quick. When Colby got there he saw the news and it said Benny Lewis was in a very bad motorcycle accident. Colby felt sick because he knew that he would probably not be able to play football. Colby went to football practice and it was a very sad football practice for everyone. Lauren had a job interview at Donut Hut. Lauren got the job! It's Friday and Colby had a football game and it was the game to go the championship game. Lauren went to the game and Colby was the star of the game again. The Eagles are going to the championship! That night Colby asked Lauren if they wanted to go out to eat on Saturday and Lauren said yes! Colby got home his dad said that tomorrow we are going up to the football field to practice. Colby said I can't I'm going somewhere. Today is the day of the date but now Colby can't go. Colby went to Donut Hut to tell Lauren that they can't go tonight. Lauren felt really sad but she didn't express her feelings to Colby. Tonight Lauren hung out with Stasia and they drove by the football field. Lauren saw that Colby didn't want to cancel the date but his dad made him go practice. Lauren went home ( Aunt Erica and Uncle Josh's House). Aunt Erica said that she got a call from her mom that she is moving to North Carolina and she wants you to move back with her. Matthew (Lauren's baby brother) is staying with his dad in Seattle. Lauren didn't know what to decide but she really wanted to go see Matthew. Lauren and Aunt Erica drove up to Seattle to see Matthew. Lauren decided that she wanted to move back with her mom. Lauren texted Colby and said I'm moving back with my mom so stop over. Colby stopped over and went up to Lauren's room and Lauren was packing up and crying. Lauren ran over and gave him a good-bye kiss. Colby told her you have to stay, you have to change your mind.
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