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1: Intro to the Course

No description

Courtney Thomas

on 25 April 2018

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Transcript of 1: Intro to the Course

Nations and Nationalities
Lecture 1

Course Overview
Cultural anthropology
Primordial Kinship Communities
Dynastic Intermediaries
The Modern Sovereign Nation-State
Political Psychology
Racism, Sexism, Classism, etc.
American cultural experiences
Mass Political Violence
Ethnic Cleansing
Course Expectations
Syllabus available on Canvas
Class Participation (15%)
Reification Essay (10%)
Essay Outlines (10%)
Research Assignment #1 (30%)
Research Assignment #2 (35%)
Required Readings
Four Books
Political Culture and the Making of Modern Nation-States
I am Malala
The Bluest Eye
Love Thy Neighbor
Current Events
About the Professor
Dr. Courtney I. P. Thomas
PHD: Planning, Governance, and Globalization (2010)
Curriculum Vitae
Teaching Philosophy
Email: cipthomas@vt.edu
Include class number in the header
Some Flexibility Required...
University Honor Code
Services for Students with Disabilities
Principles of Community
Academic Level
Interesting Fact
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