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Mesopotamia Sports, Games, and Music

Project 1

John Denniston

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Mesopotamia Sports, Games, and Music

Ancient Mesopotamia had sports, games, and music as part of there lifestyle. One instrument is a guitar like shape. The other is a instrument like a Harp. One game that I found is a board game make of wood. This game is the modern day backgammon. Fighting was a sport that is from the ancient Mesopotamia. It is very similar to modern boxing or U.F.C. Also hunting using bows and arrows on chariots was a form of sport. I learned a lot of things but what really stuck out is that many modern things started in the time of Mesopotamia. Ancient Mesopotamian
version of now a day
boxing or U.F.C. This picture is a ancient
version of the modern
day harp. This is a YouTube video
of the kind of music that
Mesopotamia listened to This is a picture of
a ancient Mesopotamian
board game. Similar to
modern backgammon. This is a picture of
a ancient guitar of
Mesopotamia. After
the English conquered
Mesopotamia they
took the instrument
and turned it into the
modern day guitar.
This instrument is still
used in modern
Mesopotamia. John Denniston

Mesopotamian Sports, Games, and Music Scan here for to hear
of my paragraph Scan here to hear my
resources Resources:
-British Museum
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