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No description

Wayne Burke

on 25 August 2010

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Transcript of Welcome

We've already produced What we're working on At its core, it's an association for vendors and developers of citizen engagement software - you know, the people that are enabling change! Surrounding that is a growing community of individuals and organizations that are passionate about citizen engagement. 1 2 Draft documents describing the new paradigm 4 1 2 3 Goals of the New Paradigm Standards Guiding Principles Current Problems http://om4ce.org/blog/category/document/current-problems/ http://om4ce.org/blog/category/document/goals-of-the-new-paradigm/ http://om4ce.org/blog/category/document/guiding-principles/ http://om4ce.org/blog/category/document/standards/ Open Model for
Citizen Engagement To define and implement a new paradigm of communication for citizens and their elected officials. 2 What's our mission? What is it? The Open Model for Citizen Engagement is a space where everyone can find areas for collaboration and create real solutions. ... and we'd love your input. Why?
http://om4ce.org/ Who's already in? Why you need us. 3 http://om4ce.org/groups/implementation-working-group/ Writing and Definition Mapping Political Communication 1 Implementation http://om4ce.org/groups/writing-working-group/ http://om4ce.org/groups/map-working-group/ Clarifying the new paradigm and making it accessible to the average person. Creating a visual representation of how communication flows between citizens and elected officials (and all the other players!). Turning standards into reality.
First project: online verified voter identification. Join at http://om4ce.org/ - Yeah, it's free. This is a diverse group established companies startups nonprofits Hill CMS vendors advocacy group vendors We need your participation because it's going to take all of us to create a better system. We need your buy-in because standards are not standards until they're adopted. Participation Buy-in Input We need your input because you uniquely understand a part of the complex citizen engagement space. What's the problem? Citizens, elected officials, and advocacy groups (that is, everyone!) are frustrated by their inability to effectively communicate and work together. More info at http://om4ce.org/blog/category/document/current-problems/ ... and it's expanding. We need you. ... and without your input and participation, how can we create and implement standards worth adopting??? advocacy groups citizens Hill staff elected officials But who's missing? media YOU are! http://om4ce.org/ Changing Market Collaboration Networking Solid Foundation Results Driven We're tying the citizen engagement space together We get social media
and technology in citizen engagement. The current system doesn't work citizens, elected officials and advocacy groups and everyone in between. New technologies
New complexities Lots of new players (and ideas) We've already started building the future. Join us. old players and new http://om4ce.org/
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