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rene descartes

No description

Renee Schley

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of rene descartes

Early life
rene descartes was the first mathematician to use the notation where the letters at the beginning of the alphabet represent data and the letters at the end of the alphabet to represent variables or unknowns
rene descartes
born ;march 31, 1596
date of death:February 11, 1650
He lived in a small town in central france.
he was the youngest of three childern
at age 8 was sent to a bording school at jesuit college of henri IV in La Fleche for seven years.
his mom Jeanne Brochard died within his first year of life
his father sent him to live with his maternal grandmother
he earned his law degree at 22
he was extensivley educated
went to college at age 8 at jesuit college
got his law degree at 22
went to la fleche prytanee national militarie
went to university of poitiers
mathematical contribution/importance
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