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It's about pugs

Zeke Stark

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Pugs

Pugs Pugs are small dogs. They have small, round heads with a square shaped muzzle. They have dark eyes (which I think you might already know).
They have large, deep wrinkles on their forehead.Pugs have a short, curled tail that represents a furry spiral. They can be black, silver, apricot, or fawn colored. These are some characteristics of pugs:
Not aggressive
Can't take long walks
They snore, fart, and eat a LOT.
They are very hyper
They love children They originated in Asia in around 400 B.C.
They were breeded because the wrinkles
on their forehead at the time formed the
chinese word for "prince", so the more
wrinkles, the better! Here are some facts about pugs: Pugs may have even dated back to the Shang Dynasty ( 1600-1046BC. Pugs first arrived in Europe by the Dutch East Indies Trading Company. Pugs are only the 14th most popular dog in America( so buy a few and make them #1). Pugs are completely tied in with royalty.
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