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Canvas my Campus, Sweet Briar College

No description

Ashton Reid

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Canvas my Campus, Sweet Briar College

Why is Sweet Briar College the Best?
Because of the Engineering Program!
Sweet Briar is one of two all women's colleges in the United States of America that have a degree-granting engineering program.
The Sweet Briar Bachelor of Science degree in engineering science is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.
Personal Interactive classes
Sweet Briar engineering classes are small and interactive, were abstract topics from textbooks are applied to hands-on lab experiences.
Student to Faculty ratio is 8:1, at Sweet Briar students are names not numbers.
First Year engineering learn the creating process by designing, testing, and racing boats made of only cardboard and duct tape.
Internship opportunities
All engineering students are required to do a internship in order to gain experience in the engineering field.
Examples of past co-ops:
AREVA The Babcock & Wilcox Company, The Clorox Company Flowserve, Naval Air Warfare Center, Novatech HDR, and Adaptive Design Association Edison2
One Sweet Briar engineering student helped design and build the Edison 2 Smart Car as an internship.
The Sweet Briar Engineering program have three camps a year that are geared towards exposing young women to engineering.
Students have fun designing and building cool devices while working with engineering faculty and students.
Explore Engineering for High School Women
Most Sweet Briar Engineering Students have a job or go to Graduate school after graduating Sweet Briar.
TYCO Wireless, GE Aviation, Straughan Environmental Service, National Ground Intelligence Center, General Atomics National Ignition Facility, Clorox Company / Glad Mfg., Babcock & Wilcox, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Aerojet, NovaTech
Graduate Schools:
University of Virginia Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt University Electrical Engineering, University of North Carolina-Charlotte Nanoscience, Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering, UC Santa Cruz Electrical Engineering (photonics), Dartmouth College Engineering Management, William and Mary Operations Research

Photo from http://sbc.edu/engineering
Photo taken by Paulette Porter-Stransky
Photo from http://www.edison2.com/
Video taken by Paulette Porter-Stransky
Designing a better future
Engineering students at Sweet Briar have the unique opportunity to help people in third world countries by designing devices that help solve problems.
Another example:
Designed a water supply system for a small village in Guatemala.
students and faculty have traveled to Brazil to deliver student designed assistive devices and meet with clients.
Photo taken by Paulette Porter-Stransky
All Information retrieved from http://sbc.edu/engineering
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