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Fabian`s family!!!

This is my awesome family tree!!!

Fabian B.H. Alfheim

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Fabian`s family!!!

Fabian/Me I was born in the city of Bergen the 11th Mars 1999. I am now 13 years old and my big brother Sondre and I lives every other week with mom and dad. In my spare time I fence and stand on longboard. Sondre/Brother He is 18 years old. He plays football and goes to zumba. He lives in Landåssvingen in Landås, Bergen He is married to Alma, my stephmother Tone/Mom She is a artist she have one brother She lives in Lægdesvingen in Landås, Bergen He have one brother and one sister He is 48 years old She is 41 years old Grandmother she worked as head nurse at a hospital she is 71 years old She is married to Harald Grandaddy He was a busdriver He is 82 years old He is married to Maria Grandaddy He was a owner of a fish company He was married to Laura Grandmother She was a custom His dead She was married to Osvald Her name is Laura His name was Osvald Tore/Dad Her name is Maria His name is Harald Uncle He works in a insurance company His name is Torbjørn Aunt She is a teacher Stephmother She studies. She is 44 years old Her name is Aina Her name is Alma Aunt Her name is Berit Uncle Uncle Aunt His name is Torstein His name is Gunnar Her name is Bodil Stephbrother He goes to school He is 19 years old His name is Thomas Dog He is a beagle He is 5 years old His name is Manolo Cousin Her name is Lene Cousin Cousin He goes to school He is 11 years old His name is Ivar He goes to school He is 7 years old His name is Anders He is senior advicer at an important building Cousin Cousin Cousin Cousin He name is Lise-Lotte Her name is Silje his name is Thomas His name is Ole-Christian She is married to Dad She is a custom cosulent She is 57 years old He is an accounting manager He is 65 years old He is managing director He is 54 years old She is a housewife She is 53 years old She is customer consulent She is 25 years old He is married to Berit She is married to Torstein He is married to Bodil She is married to Gunnar He is married to Aina She is married to Torbjørn She is a nurse student She is 20 years old He is a multimedia designer He is 29 years old He is a higher auditor He is 31 years old She is a marketing consultant She is 31 years old You have now seen
my epic family!
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