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Specialized Journals Volume Completion and Transition

No description

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Specialized Journals Volume Completion and Transition

Volume Completion and Transition
Specialized Journals
2015-16 Status & Housekeeping
2015-16 volume status update
Student authors and work
Spring participation and membership information
Depending on the timing of completion for the 2015-16 volume, 2016-17 boards may need to assist with the completion in order to minimize delays to the next volume
Making sure relevant students have access to the journal email, shared drive, and other resources
We look forward to staying in touch over the summer with a few items:

New resources
Fall All Journal Meeting date
2016-17 Budget Letter*
Fall journal leaders touch base
Updates on volume & website

Don't hesitate to reach out with any ideas/feedback on how we can better support your journal(s)!

2015-16 Volume Status
Joe and I need information on the status of your volume(s). Please provide us with a detailed update on where things stand with each of the pieces along with the projected timeline for completion.
Student Authors
We have centralized the process to submit student published works* to the relevant Prize Committees at YLS. Please provide a list of student authors and the work title to Sachi and upload a pdf version of final work to the Box.

Please email 2L submissions to: upload.Jewell_.n3r5d6ulao@u.box.com

Please email 3L submissions to:
Spring Participation & Membership Info
First, we need your assistance with our ABA reporting on journal participation. Second, we know reaching out to alums who were a part of your group is important. In order to facilitate this, we need your help.

Please provide an updated list of individuals who participated in the journal this spring if you have not done so already. An excel spreadsheet would be great!
Journal Resources
Emails and shared drives

Listservs and working groups

Student Activities Resources site

Joe (joseph.lynch@yale.edu) & Sachi (sachiko.sugimoto@yale.edu)!
2016-17 Board & Summer Contact
Please be sure to share the full board slate for 2016-17 via email and complete the summer contact information form at the link below
*Published works include both print and online contributions and blog posts done during the 2015-16 academic year.
*note journals do not need to submit a budget proposal
Please be sure to tidy your office and let us know of any repairs before you leave for the summer!
Deadline: Midnight, Thursday, June 30, 2016
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