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The Legacy of The Chinese Cultural Revolution

This prezi is a found poem describing the Cultural Revolution's legacy

Annalisa Jamnik

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of The Legacy of The Chinese Cultural Revolution

Two Men A Poem By Annalisa Jamnik One was sent to work,
Their house a target. One wore the armband of
The Red Guard. Each of us look back and see
The Cultural Revolution Man #1 I look back
with angry eyes. A revolution should not
be an act of violence by which
everyone was a victim. Every kind of thinking,

stamped with
a brand of class. without exception. The Red Guards
work destruction for their
“Great Leader”
Chairman Mao Destruction of the people Morally, and physically. That was a great revolution? Man #2 I look back,
And I became a Red Guard
out of self-interest. Destroying the
old world,
building the
new. We were dedicated,
doing anything to satisfy
Great Leader Chairman Mao. I don’t feel any remorse. There was something
special about that time. Mao was a great influence. The future we
hoped to build

never came, But our
were not
meaningless. differently. intellectually, I wanted to belong.
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