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Budget Case Study

NELA Fall 2012 Dr. Arrington

Kelly Anne Mudd

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Budget Case Study

Hope Creek Elementary School School Finance Case Study Hope Creek Elementary 80% Free & Reduced Meals Our Students... 57% African American 8% Hispanic 3% Asian 25% White 563 Students K thru 5 Kelly Anne Mudd. Krista Fasoli. Tim Mudd . Our Staff... 26 Teachers 3 National Board Certified 100% HQ 33% With Advanced Degrees The Numbers State Instructional Supplies Fund $14,075.00

Local Instructional Supplies Fund $7,630.00

Local Copier Services $8,445.00

Field Trips $663.00

Janitorial Supplies & Materials $3,941.00

School Office Supplies $713.00

Title 1 Funds $180,000.00 Copier Services
$8,445 Title I Funds
$180,000 Parent & Community Outreach
$6,300 Professional Development
$9,400 Technology
$45,000 - Lease 3 standard copy machines & 1 Risograph.
- Year supply of toner.
- Scheduled maintenance & emergency service calls.

Previous year's expenditures, $6,430 School Office Supplies
$713 Budget includes the following:
- Pens
- Tape
- Staples
- Sticky Notes
- Notebooks
- Assorted Envelopes (standard & manilla)
- Variety of Clips (binder & paper) The school's bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining the office supply inventory. He/she will restock as needed, pending administrative approval. Janitorial Supplies
$3,941 Previous year's expenditure, $3,235

The money allotted for janitorial supplies in previous years was sufficient; however, there has been a decrease in this year's allotment.

Hope Creek will plan for this shortfall by implementing procedures in which teachers monitor paper towels, and custodial staff monitor cleaning supplies. Additional funds may be secured by The Candy Man winter fundraiser. Substitutes
$18,000 Field Trips
$663, before Title I
$12,000, Title I
Total: $6,663 Each grade gets $2000 to spend as they chose.
The assumption is as follows:
- $5 per mile transportation cost (fuel & driver)
- $5 per child to supplement admission costs
(averaging 100 students per grade level)
- Remaining balance may be used at the grade level's
discretion to supplement additional mileage, meals, or increased admission fees. - $9,000 Regular Teacher Absences
- $9,000 Staff Development Absences Field Trips
Traditionally fields trips have not been taken at Hope Creek, but administration believes our students would benefit from experiences outside of our school and community. In order for a field trip to be approved, the purpose of the trip must be aligned with the Common Core curriculum. Teachers will submit a detailed proposal 30 days prior to the trip date. Administration will review, approve and disperse funds as appropriate. - Three iPad carts containing 30 iPads each.
- Carts to be used specifically for grades 3 thru 5. Parent and community workshops will be offered monthly.
- $1,800 for refreshments ($200/month)
- $4,500 for supplies and materials ($500/month)

Meetings may address the following: Literacy, Common Core Standards, Homework Tips and End-of-Grade Preparation. The professional development budget may cover in-house trainings and off-campus workshops. The Hope Creek Leadership Team will determine the school's professional development needs, and develop corresponding proposals. School administration will approve all proposals. Trainings and workshops must be ongoing to be approved and qualify for funding.

Trainings and workshops may include the following:
- Common Core Development
- Technology Training
- Professional Learning Community Support
- Researched-Based Instructional Practices
- Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports State Instructional Supplies Fund $14,075.00

Local Instructional Supplies Fund $7,630.00

Local Copier Services $8,445.00

Field Trips $663.00

Janitorial Supplies & Materials $3,941.00

School Office Supplies $713.00

Title 1 Funds $180,000.00 The Numbers Total: $215,067
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