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The Notebook By: Nicholas Sparks

No description

Daija Price

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of The Notebook By: Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook By: Nicholas Sparks
Independent Novel Project
By: Daija Price

Plot Teaser
The story follows an elderly couple in a nursing home. Throughout the story, a man tries to remind his wife, who suffers from Dementia, of their past and who she is. He does this by reading a notebook.
Main Characters
-Noah Calhoun
-Allie Nelson
-Lon Hammond
Love Conquers All
The theme is Love Conquers All because no matter what happened, they always found their way back to each other. For example, while Allie suffered from Dementia, Noah stuck with her even though she didn't know who he was most of the time.
Symbolism In the Text
Two Symbols
- the letters
- the house
My Reaction
I loved the book. It was equally romantic and sad. The romantic part being how their differences don't keep them apart and through their time apart they never stopped loving each other. The sad part is that in their old age, Noah loves Allie, but she doesn't remember him.
The protagonists are Noah and Allie because the story follows them. They are two very different people who fall in love. They're from two different worlds. He's the poor man and she's the rich girl. These differences don't seem to keep them apart though because they always seem to find their way back to each other.
The antagonists are Allie's parents because they try to keep Noah and Allie apart. They are the reason Noah and Allie were separated for years.
The Letters
The letters symbolize Noah's love and loyalty. He wrote her everyday for two years. That shows that he never truly wanted it to be over between them.
-picture from the movie The Notebook
The House
The house symbolizes their life together. When they were younger, the house symbolized what could be. It symbolized what could be built into something more. When they got older and Noah rebuilt the house, it symbolized how much they matured and how they were ready to start a life together.
-pictures from the movie The Notebook
I would recommend this book because I enjoyed
it and I think others would, too. I'd recommend this to people who like romance and people who are a fan of Nicholas Sparks novels. I'd also recommend this to people who haven't seen the movie because if you have seen it and you try to read this book, you're going to keep referring back to the movie and wondering why their so different. If I had to put an age limit on this, I would say 13.
Favorite Quote
My favorite quote is when Allie reads one of Noah's letters and at the end it says, "I will always be yours. And, my darling, you will always be mine." pg. 176
This quote was in a letter from Noah that Allie read right after she found out she had Alzheimer's disease. I love this quote because I think it describes their whole relationship.
Thank you.
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