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Are Serial Killers Born or Made

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brooklynn desroches

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Are Serial Killers Born or Made

Are Serial Killers Born or Made?
What is Serial Murder?
Serial murder is when:

-there are 3 or more victims
-in between each victim there is a "cooling off period"
Types of Serial Killers
Usually the killer kills for his/her psychological reasons, not for material gain, monetary gain, etc.
What is Serial Murder
Types of Serial Killers
Neurological Aspect
Genetic Aspect
Epigenetics (with video)
The "Psycho" Gene
Chromosome Abnormalities
Psychological Aspect
Nurture Aspect
Social Learning Theory (with video)
Fractured Identity Syndrome

The murders also follow the same pattern or M.O (mode of operation)
Case Example: David Berkowitz
Case Example: Jeffry Dahmer
Case Example: Charles Manson
Common Traits
Genetic Aspect
Physical Injuries
Hurting Animals
Fetishes and Voyeurism in Adulthood
Preferring Auto-Erotic Activities
Odd/ Different Fantasies
Being Lonely/ Isolated
Bed Wetting
Sexual & Physical Abuse
During Childhood
Psychological Abuse During Childhood
Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Killers are made through experiences in their childhood and adolescence.
They are born that way
Killers are made from a combination of nature and nurture.

Case Example : John Wayne Gacy
The Killer Clown
Convicted with the rape and murder of 33 teenage boys and young men
Overweight and nonathletic-led to bullying
Father was alcoholic
Father was also physically abusive
Regularly beaten, both verbally and physically
Molested by a family friend at the age of 9
He was also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal.
He was a serial killer, and a sex offender
Ate his later victims
Younger years?
kept parts of animal carcasses

He was sentenced to 16 terms of life imprisonment in 1978.
Considered the worst serial killer of all time
He confessed to murdering 140 children
He was found guilty in 138 of the 172 cases

Luis was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused as a child by his father.
Case Example: Luis Garavito
Head trauma
Serious injuries
Physical abuse

Damage to the temporal lobe can cause cause seizures and amnesia.

The temporal lobe is involved with hormones, aggression, motivation and emotion.
Major factor
May show interest
Felt pleasure in hurting them

It's believed that early isolation AND bed wetting from an unusually advanced age can lead to animal cruelty.
If the substance abuse was when the individual was in their mothers womb, it can cause serious birth defects.

Psychological Aspect
Serial killers do think different
For some, murder doesn't shake them
They don't think of the effect that it'll make
Often question themselves

Hard to capture
Highly intelligent
No evidence
Wrong place wrong time
Low IQ a
Often move cities
They are "visionary"
Major common trait
Gives you a different perspective
Emotionally scarred
Not able to relate to others and their feelings
Not being able to form healthy relationships
Large impact on their future
Were never treated properly
Learned only one way of solving issues

Nurture Aspect
The environment you live in
Childhood and teenage years
The Serial Killer Whisperer

Childhood abuse leads to social isolation.
46% of serial killers never finished high-school.

Neurological Aspect
There are 3 main components in a killers brain that are different from a normal person's brain. The frontal cortex mainly controls and restrains emotional outbursts, the anterior cortex lets you deal with conflicts and how to respond as well as motivations. The amygdala controls basic emotions and reactions to fear.
A killer's brain has a special relationship between the orbital frontal cortex, the anterior cingulated cortex and the amygdala. In a killer's brain, the orbital frontal cortex and the anterior cingulated cortex have very low levels of activity compared to a normal person. The amygdala however, stays the same or has even higher levels of activity than a normal person.
Bed wetting is unusual for children over the age of 5.

Matters are also worse if they are teased about it by;

Over 57% of serial killers were bed-wetters beyond the age of 12. One example is Arthur Shawcross, he constantly denied this and said it was his little brother, Jimmy.
The "Psycho Gene"
Chromosome Abnormalities
People with MAOA-L still need a trigger to commit violent acts. Some scientists and psychologists believe childhood neglect can be the trigger
Epigenetics is the study of gene activity changes that are NOT caused by changes in the DNA sequence.
The central concept is that environmental forces can turn specific genes on or off as well as modifying them.
These changes may last for a very short amount of time or a very long amount of time.
Social Learning Theory
Fractured Identity Syndrome
Common Traits
Case Examples

Act Focused
Process Focused
The mind of a psychopath
For many years psychologists and doctors have studied the world's most notorious serial killers to see how they became killers. After numerous evaluations, there were three popular opinions on how killers came to be.
74% reported psychological abuse
They can't escape the torture they feel
Create their own world
They are in complete control of their own fantasy
Boundaries fade
The theory that individuals learn from the environment they're in and look for acceptance from society by imitating and learning "acceptable behaviour" from influential people
Three different types of models
Scientists are now believing that psychopathic behaviour can be found in genes.
They have found a MAOA (monoamine oxidase) gene which links to violence and aggression
They're finding that these aggressive genes can be passed down through generations (it's not common though).
The MAOA gene is very rare, but the MAOA-L gene is very common, about 40% of the population have it
The Bobo Doll
26% of serial killers admit to being sexually abused as a child.
42% admit that they were abused.
It usually starts off with an event or series of events that fracture the personality
The fracture is often not visible to society, the killer will try to hide the breakage to the best of their ability
The event and breakage usually happens during the killer's childhood and adolescence
" A part of me was hidden all the time"
- Ted Bundy
Case Examples
Can be a a result of moving a lot
No meaningful relationships
Lack capacity of forming a strong relationship with others
They are known as "loners".
Rarely remembered by classmates
Rarely had any close friends

Avoided social events and parties
They never had real sexual experiences
Prefer masturbation

No social structure in his/her life.

XYY Syndrome (Jacob's Syndrome):
This XYY (or 47-XYY) affects only males
Behavioural disorders, admission to psych hospitals and criminality are more frequent in XYY males
Some past studies show a connection between antisocial behaviour and XYY
XYY was called the "Super Male Disease" because it was thought to create over-aggressive males who lacked empathy
Jacob's syndrome is also a cause of aggression
"But I am more than a mere sociopath. The FBI informed me that I am a 47XYY human male. That means I have an extra Y chromosome. Some doctors believe that men like me with extra Y chromosomes have extraordinary strength and are genetically born to be killers.... A 47 XYY is considered a predominate, super male, Anthony. Does that mean I'm a part of our past or our future? Does that mean God made me to murder?"
-Arthur Shawcross
Most killers don't like being in long conversations because they think the true identity will show

They tend to read detective magazines to look for murder and sexual cases to arouse them...linking murder and sex together.
According to FBI records; more than 70% of serial killers experiences substance and/or alcohol abuse in their childhood homes.
Alcohol and substance abuse at home can be even worse.
Convicted for murder and conspiracy
Broken family (never knew his real father)
Mother was (allegedly) a heavy drinker
His mother and uncle were criminals
Kathleen and Charles lived in multiple run down hotel rooms
Apparently sexually abused in the Indiana's boys school
Are Serial Killers Born...or Made?
Visionary killer
Had a somewhat troubled childhood
Above average intelligence
Lost interest in learning and moved onto petty larceny and pyromania
Thought he was a victim of demonic possession
Fractured identity syndrome
A.K.A Son of Sam
convicted of 2nd degree murder and attempted 2nd degree murder
Most killers will be interested in voyerism, fetishes and paraphilias from an early age
Start out as harmless "Peeping Toms"
Escalate to breaking into houses, rape and murder
Most killers follow a bondage and dominance route in their adolescence
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