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No description

Erik Bruce

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of CLS AGM

Canadian Law Society Annual General Meeting Events Candidates Tyler Dennis John Mesec Question Period NCA Exams &
Local Post-Graduate Options Ugly Sweater
Christmas Party Canadian Law
Moot Canadian Options
Info Session Memberships Commercial Awareness
Officer Mailing List Housekeeping 66 Members
£5 Justification Everyone has been automatically added to the list
Union issues Gathering information related to:
Vacation Schemes (short interns)
Articling Positions
Legal News
NCA Changes
Trial Period
Election in March
Appointment Nov 22 (Time and Location TBD)
Post Graduate Options
UBC, UofT, Queens and more
Drinks Reception to Follow Dec 7 (Time and Location TBD)
Charity: Kent Law Campaign
Joint Event
Wear an ugly sweater! March 12 (Time and Location TBD)
More Information Forthcoming
4 Members Eligible
Prize Awarded - Nick Jackson and Law School Support
Judged By Alumni and Academics
Expand CV March 14 (Time and Location TBD)
NCA Exams Changing Process
Alumni Experiences
UK Post-Graduate Options 3 Minutes 3 Minutes 3 Questions are allowed First Year Representative The Current Society Treasurer Social Secretary Vice-President President Clothing Order Forms Distributed March 2013
New Logo (Suggestions?)
Sweaters, Sweat Pants
Any Other Types?
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