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Dropbox in the Cloud

Store and access your files, docs and photos from anywhere and across all your devices

judy barnett

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Dropbox in the Cloud

Online file storage- virtual USB Drive
start with 2gbs and its free
more free storage if you do a series of tasks
Dropbox in the cloud
Up to max 6 gb extra
That's 8GB in total
You can also receive another 25GB FREE
by buying an HTC One S phone
Let's get started

The Dropbox app folder
After Dropbox is installed on your computer a folder is created
This session:

Use Dropbox to store and share photos, and
Sync a folder from the Dropbox app to your online Dropbox. NBN extra credits apply!
The Sharing Feature!
Dropbox also lets you easily share docs and photos, and work together with friends, colleagues by the
Share Link
Any file you place in your Dropbox folder will automatically save to all your computers, mobile devices and your online Dropbox
1. Upload photos to Dropbox
to your online Dropbox - www.dropbox.com
photos, docs , videos
Create a folder for these photos

Give the folder a name

Drag and drop the photos into the folder
2. share this folder with your partner
Hubs 1 shares with Hubs 2 and so on...
go to your Gmail account (created for you) and accept the invitation to join this folder
open this folder in Dropbox (online)
and see who is sharing your folder
Drag and drop this folder to the Dropbox folder on your computer
3. Open the Dropbox folder
Go to Dropbox online and view the folder
NBN Extra Credits!

How long did it take for this folder to
update/sync i.e. turn blue to green?
Thank you for attending my Dropbox in the Cloud
Prezi presentation brought to you via the cloud

NBN Extra Credits x 2
Undo- Drag the Derby Grandstand folder out of the dropbox folder on your computer. The check online to see if it has been removed (synced).
Create a folder
On your Mac or PC,
Dropbox installs an icon in the
system tray (bottom-right corner)
Open any folder, drag and drop files
Open Dropbox.com in your browser
The file is synced!
Extra Tasks to earn free storage
Find the Derby Grandstand Folder on your desktop
Wait for the folder to upload
Dropbox ??
You can also install Dropbox app
for PC/Mac and mobile devices
- smartphones/tablets
Upload photos from your USB
e.g. dorsethubhubs2@gmail.com
Copy and paste the URL into a new tab in your browser. View the file. This is useful for individuals who don’t have a Dropbox account and if you only want to share a file within a folder.
Share link both ways- online Dropbox and installed Dropbox

ii. URL links- Get a link to a file or folder and share/email.
iv. Events- Check out the Dropbox history
v. Public folder- What files/folders are Public? Why go Public? Find the answer in the Public folder text file or go to: https://www.dropbox.com/help/16
the link can be removed at any time, but make sure you this is OK with the person you have shared it with especially if you are editing the file/collaborating

i. Deleting and restoring files/folders. Go to your Dropbox online and find the deleted files and permanently delete or restore the derby grandstand folder
Note: A deleted file/folder can also be restored if you change your mind, so don't have to upload the file again
More Extra NBN Credit Tasks!
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