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Alone Dorkbot Presentation

Presenting Alone's Live Setup, and a (very) brief fly through Chipmusic and music made with Video game consoles both old and new.

James Reichelt

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Alone Dorkbot Presentation

ALONE Part 1: Music Part 2: About Me Born 1985 (NES Released in USA)
1992 - NES Console for Xmas with Super Mario
Brothers, Duck Hunt and Turbo Racing

1997 - Playstation for Xmas with Crash Bandicoot 2
and Micro Machines v3

1998 - Purchased Music: Music creation for Playstation

2000 - Queued up outside WHSmith to buy a
Playstation 2 on launch day, couldn't afford any games.

2002 - Bought first bass guitar
2003 - Formed Alone with Joe
2003 - Joe moved away

2004 - Moved to Cardiff
2007 - Graduated BA Fine Art (Time Based Practice) Brief Discography as Alone 2004 - Several Quiet Moments EP
2007 - I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon Soundtrack
2011 - Fizzing EP
2012 - Everything May Not Repeat Mixtape Part 3: Alone Live Setup Standard Music Equipment:
8 Channel Mixer
5 Port MIDI Thru

Electro Harmonix 2880 Looper
Guitar + Pedal Board

MPC 500 (Drums and Additional Samples)
miniKP (Delay effects) 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
with sound mod and MIDI NES Cartridge MIDI NES Designed and built by Wayfar in 2004


Can sometimes be found on eBay.

Allows 5 Channels of audio to be sent to two outputs.

2x Pulse Channels
1x Triangle
1x Noise
1x Sample Game Boy Advance SP (Released 2003)
Running MGB (MIDI Game Boy) by Trash80 ArdunioBoy Allows user to send MIDI Messages to Game Boy and Game Boy Advance.

Allows MIDI Clock sync with LSDJ and Nanoloop. MGB Allows access to the Game Boys 4 Channels of audio
2x Pulse
1x Triangle
1x Noise

Poly Mode lets you play chords with the pulse and triangle channels Software is stored on GB Flash Carts Shruthi-1 and MeeBlip Both monophonic DIY Open Source Synths http://mutable-instruments.net/ http://meeblip.com/ iPad 2 running Genome Sequencer MIDI in/out via Line6 MIDI Mobilizer Up to 16 Channels of MIDI Out http://www.whitenoiseaudio.com/ Each 'block' is one sequence Part 4: Other Hardware and Software Nanoloop (2000)

For Game Boy and Game Boy Advance (Android and iOS versions available) All in one sequencer and Synth
Can be used with Ardunio and
other devices to sync to a MIDI Clock Music: Music Creation for Playstation (1998)

for Playstation 1 and 2 Korg DS-10 (2008) for Nintendo DS Emulation of Korg MS-20 Synth Game Boy Camera (1998) Features small 'hidden' music sequencer with 2 tracks First live show January 2012

Played on Radio 1

Supported Hexstatic (Ninja Tune)
October 2012 Random Musical Achievements Little Sound DJ (2000) for Game Boy and Game Boy Advance 'Tracker' Software allows users to sequence 4 Channels of audio on a
Game Boy. http://www.littlesounddj.com/lsd/ Available for a $2 + donation @ Part 5: Further Reading / Listening / Viewing Music Anamanaguchi Infinity Shred Pixelh8 Reading Handmade Electronic Music
by Nicolas Collins Online www.chipmusic.org Film Reformat The Planet (2011)
Documentary loosely based around Blip Festival NYC Part 6: More Alone www.alone-music.co.uk


soundcloud.com/alonemusic Games Sound Shapes (PS3 / Vita) Features level creator that
lets players build musical puzzles. Little Big Planet Series (PS3) Features a level creator that users
have taken to using as a sequencer. Guitar Hero World Tour
(PS3, 360, Wii)
Features a track creator
with 'realistic' guitar and amp
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