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Traits of the Digital World

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David Kassnoff

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Traits of the Digital World

Traits of the Digital World
Digital is more than Devices
Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) offer access
Digital world asks us to reinvent how we
think, behave, and share knowledge
Create relevance and builds relationships
Building blocks
Building Block: Collaboration
Digital leaders must think in terms of collectives or online communities
Online, people with shared interests and values gather to share opinions
Pinterest - women-centric sharing
LinkedIn Groups - professionals discuss common issues/solutions
How do we take part in their conversations?
Building Block:
Value Exchange
Beyond purchase, how do digitally active organizations add value for customers?
Digital world enables us to provide KNOWLEDGE via subject matter experts
Digital world enables us to provide
INFLUENCE through thought leadership
Pre-digital: "value add," like
Ford Times
magazine sent to owners of new Fords
Digital World: it's "reciprocity" -- building
Building Block: Trust
Focus on long-term relationships, not one-time purchases or donations
Earn trust through transparency and authenticity
Walk your talk
Think of an online business that's continued to share relevant knowledge well after you've purchased
Building Block: Customer Focus
Digital world gives customers more voice -- before, during, and after an engagement
What do customers tell you? Tell others? Yelp, Angie's List, Facebook
Leaders must create web content, interactions that reflect customers' needs
Clear value proposition -
Traits of Digital Leaders
Digital world requires leaders to have a view beyond their own experience
Embrace change and empower others
Pursue disruption in their industry, as a pathway to
Four Principles of the Open World
- TED Talk supplementing this Prezi

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