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Goods and Services

No description

Martha Pell

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Goods and Services

Goods and Services

What is a good?
Something you can buy and use. Some goods are food, clothes and books.
What is a good?
Goods are things you can use or eat. Goods are something that you can hold in your hand.
Where do goods come from?
Most goods come from farms and factories both in America and around the world. Some goods are made in other places like homes and bakeries.
Where are goods sold?
Goods are sold in grocery stores, supermarkets, and specialty stores, or online, others are sold in places like farmers markets.
What is a service?
Something that people do for others.
I can give examples of how businesses in the community provide goods to meet the needs and wants of people in the community.

I can give examples of how businesses in the community provide services to meet the needs of people in the community.

What is a service?
What are goods?
How do they meet our needs and wants?

What are services?
How do they meet our needs and wants?

Do you need or want any of these goods?
farmers markets
Something that people do for others.
How are goods and services connected?
Many people use goods to give us services.
Others preform a service and we get a good.
Community service members
Personal services
The bus driver uses a bus (good) to help you get home (a service).
How do services meet our wants and needs?
Can you think of another way that goods and services are connected?
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