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No description

Eddie Lockwood

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of images

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Helps audience connect visually and emotionally

Improves the message you are trying to send to the reader

Images catch the attention of the reader faster than words

To cause a strong reaction Don't use too many pictures How Can You Present
Your Images? Eddie Lockwood
Giuseppe Scire
Alecia Gonzalez Effectively Using Images to Make Arguments Why Do People Choose to Use Images? Use metaphors, analogies, and colorful expressions to articulate your argument

Images catch the attention of the reader

Personal pictures can help establish a deep connection with your audience Pictures and images can help convey your arguments more clearly than just words
Images such as charts and graphs can show statistical data
Photos can show examples of certain points of an argument Companies often use images to persuade others to buy their products. from aboutwendys.com from worksmartmompreneurs.com from coachwithjeremy.com from graphics8.nytimes.com from counseling.ufl.edu from proprofs.com Action shots really grab people's attention from profootballhof.com from dpexperience.com Make the news worth seeing -Exclusives
-Breaking news shots
-Historical photos from mitchellarchives.com from dreamstime.com from gizmodo.com Major Tips Use Large Images Use Same Size Images from eatsleepwork.com from telegraph.co.uk from funzug.com from clarionledger.com In Conclusion, Images... Images can be stronger than just words Lions hunt and attack zebras from blogspot.com -Make an argument much stronger
-Depict the point in a stronger way
-Catch the attention easily
-Greatly improve the message
-Can cause an emotional and visual connection
-Cause a stronger reaction
-Explain the words in a visual way
-Make an argument relatable from wikipedia.org vs. Wendy's Burger King
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