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Day 1: College Success -Foundation Studies 100


Monica Bajaj

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of Day 1: College Success -Foundation Studies 100

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
~Martin Luther King Jr.
Count 1 to 1/2 the class #
Write an email that violates email etiquettes
Exchange it with your partner
Do not tell them what rule you broke, see if they can figure it out
Talk it out with your partner
Come up with two email etiquettes as a group that you will share with the class
What are other proper things to do in your online communication?
What are some things to avoid?
Email Etiquettes
Professional Student
Who is a Professional Student?
someone who is in college to pursue a degree or profession
do what is expected of you
turn work on time
get to class on time
active learner
Other Expectations
Flipped Classroom
Instructor a facilitator
Goal- self-directed, lifelong learners
An open & democratic environment
Responsibility of learning is not uni-dimensional
Critical thinking
Expected readings every week
Grades- my aim is to have you thinking, writing, & sharing
Active Participant
D2L for Grades, emails, Content, Drop Box, etc.
Check email everyday, if a Question, email to All first
Greater Personal Responsibility
Increase Self-Motivation
Improve Self-Management
Develop Interdependence
Increase Self-Awareness
Maximize Your Learning
Develop Emotional Intelligence
Raise Self-Esteem
Write more Effectively
Improve Creative & Critical Thinking Skills
Master Effective Study Skills
Manage Your Money
Why are you here?
You are not alone. 74% of U.S. college campuses in some form or another.
Transition from Structured to Loosely Structured Environment.
Designed to promote faculty-student and student-student interaction.
Focus is on writing, communication, & critical thinking.
If undecided, perfect time to explore your academic interests.
All students benefit (Howard & Jones, 2000).
Academic (grades, reading, note-taking, test-taking skills, one of the best predictors of retention) & non-academic factors (self-confidence, motivation) are responsible for your success.
List the top 3 things that you would like to learn in this class.
Day 1: College Success -Foundation Studies 100
Self-confidence & Motivation were the strongest non-academic factors related to retention
Attitude toward School & a Sense of Belonging Matters
Non-Academic Factors
What is Journal Writing? (Rubrics)
written record of your thoughts, experiences, & observations
Why is it helpful?
engages us in self-reflection
fosters critical reflection, aids in learning
Improve your Writing Skills
Creating a Portfolio (sample of a person's work or learning)
Journal Writing
Important to be professional
Efficiency: be concise & to the point
Writing in CAPITALS is a NO
Reread the message
Confidential information: do not email
Subject: a must & make it meaningful
Double check to whom you are sending
Use Bcc or Cc if needed
Preferred way of communication in colleges & work
Email Etiquettes
Office location, hours, phone #, & email
Required materials- textbook, 5-tabs, 4 divider, & highlighters
Grading & Writing Center
Course assignments & tests
Attendance & late policy
Cell phones
Assignment & course calendar
Final exam
Next class reminders

Read Ch 1 (p. 2-5); (p. 14-40)

Prepare your portfolio

Explore D2L


Journal A: Self-Assessment
(p. 32-34)

Each one of you is important to me and I believe in you.
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