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Should school days be shorter?

By: Paul Garcia

Paul Garcia

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Should school days be shorter?

By: Paul Garcia Should school days be shorter? Background information Pro's Statistics Con's Summary Citations Our average school day is 8 hours long. Many kids complain that the school days are too long. They often get in trouble because they fall asleep. So should school days be shorter? There are many pro's to making the school days shorter such as Having less school means more time the student can spend time with his family. Less school more extracurricular activities such as sports and Boys and Girls Club. Less school more sleep for students and less students get in trouble for sleeping in school. There are also con's of having less school such as if there is less school there would be less learning for the students that's one reason more school is more helpful. Longer school days better grades. Less school means there should be less homework for them to do it at home. For a brief summary of this presentation is basically schools have different school hours, but do you think school days be shorter? Well what I'm trying to get across is I think that they should be shorter and i bet majority of middle school students would say the same. 60 percent of students in this school scored basic average in test scores change in school time can and will affect the scores. Will they go up or down? Personal Opinion If you asked me I would say obviously yes. Reasons why, because a lot less stress for me. What middle school student wouldn't want shorter school days.
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