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mBanking - EU

No description

Nico Weiss

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of mBanking - EU

selected by recognized banks
"eLeader Mobile Banking is the
most established solution
on the market and I can recommend it to the banks which are searching for the
next generation of mobile banking
„We selected eLeader Mobile Banking as the basis for our mobile banking platform as we believe it to be the
most advanced mobile banking solution
on the market."
professionalism and agility
exhibited by eLeader during the Proof of Concept project demonstrated eLeader to be a reliable company with
deep knowledge and expertise in mobile technologies
"Our experiences allow me to say that we consider eLeader as a
pioneer in mobile banking solutions
and a professional business partner in mobile projects.”
"Although the
deployment process
was quite complex and involved four different parties in three countries, it we
nt smoothly and
resulted as a big success
. The Danske mBankas
application’s development will be continued
next years to add new features and functionalities."

+48 815 369 692
Javelin Strategy & Research calls Citizen Bank's mobile banking app for iOS and Android "the best integrated app" in the industry after reviewing the customer rating in the Apple Store and in Google Play
(4,25 stars).
so they are now better than the best!
and many more
Redesign your customers' experience
with flexible mobile finance software!
a vendor like eLeader

delivering unique solutions

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