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University of Maryland

No description

grant ray

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of University of Maryland

Founded in 1856 near Washington D.C

considered a public school with the same level of education as private schools

important site in the Civil War
University hosts "living and learning" programs which allows students with similar interests/learning to live together

one program is the EIP program which is a living/learning honors program to help students build certain skill sets

U of Maryland offers 127 undergraduate degrees and 112 graduate degrees
U of Maryland's teams have been awarded 38 national championships.

Men's basketball is most popular at the university.

the university sponsors 17 differend male/female sports.
Campus Today
campus was struck by a tornado, which killed two female students and causes $15 million in damage

University launched a 7 year campaign to raise $1 billion in donations

public research facility
University of Maryland
campus is noted for its red-brick buildings and large central lawn.

the entire campus has buildings decorated with columns. There is a total of 770 columns on campus

campus housing/student living
there are two main residential areas divided into a total of 7 separate communities.

The university does not have family housing. As of 2011 some students with families have advocated for the addition of family housing.
The University of Maryland is a major international center for the study of language
On October 14, 2004, the university added 150 acres in an attempt to create the largest research park inside the Washington, D.C., Capital Beltway, known as "M Square."

campus description
There are two main dining halls on campus

This university featured the very first all you can eat style of dining.

There is many different food choices for students.
people at U of Maryland
The staff at U of Maryland has included four nobel peace laureates

the university has many notable academic professors in the field of science
The University is ranked 62nd in the 2014 U.S. News and World Report rankings of "National Universities" across the United States, and it is ranked 21st nationally among public universities.
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