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Viroqua Prezi for 2015 Annual Meeting

No description

Leslie Watson

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Viroqua Prezi for 2015 Annual Meeting

So we ponder . . .
What does it take to expand a food co-op?
The Situation:
That it's getting a little crowded!
This year, we will sell $1700 of groceries per square foot in our retail space.
(Whole Foods stores sell just $1000/ SF)!
Our wonderful staff needs more workspace. . . .
We're still big enough to meet your needs, and small enough to meet your neighbors. But our owners have a LOT of neighbors. . . .
And we want to sell more food!
People love our co-op SO much . . . .

The Conclusion:
The time has come . . .
#2: Internal Readiness
Let's find out. . . .
Four Components of a Co-op Expansion:
#1: Market Analysis
#4: Design
#3: Financial Fea$ibility
Our questions:
#1: Does our community
want a bigger store?
#2: Would people shop more
if we expanded?
Dear Viroqua:
Yes! Everything about the co-op is great, and we'd like more of it!

Photo by muammerokumus.

Your Owners
Dear Viroqua:

Your market area could support an 8,000SF retail sales floor!


The Experts
We weren't sure, so we asked our owners.
We also asked the experts.
Photo: Ted Eytan, 2013.
Our questions:
#1: Do we have the capacity to
meet the challenges of
#2: Is our staff and our
leadership ready?
We're working on it!
We've Reorganized
We've been studying and learning.
We've been consulting our owners and studying their input!
Our questions:
#1: Can we adequately
finance an expansion?
Will we generate enough sales to pay new debt?
Will our owners support it through preferred shares?
Our questions:
#2: Can a larger co-op work at
our existing site?
#1: How do we make the best
possible use of our space?
As for community investment in preferred shares? We're old hands at that one!
It depends on the size, scope and cost of the expansion.
Many unknowns, but we are exploring all the options!
Dear Viroqua:
We are studying your co-op and your site from every possible angle:
Some other things we know . . .
No matter what path the expansion takes, we will keep important promises to our community:

One last thing on the
list of stuff we know:
Yesterday, today and tomorrow . . .
Whether we become a little less small,
a little more medium, or even a
little bit big, one thing will
remain the same . . .

Some days, we're so busy that the horse & buggy spots are all full . . .
And the bikes are stacked on top of each other!
More produce!
More Deli!
More Community!
More Meat & Seafood!
More Co-op
And some new
stuff, too!
(Hint: Cadillacs are more expensive)
More to come!
The Architects
We will be bold but not risky.
The lift in your step when you walk in the door, and the friendliness you find inside . . .
The relationships we build because of the
way we do business. . . . .
And the impact we create each time we engage with the co-op:
supporting our farmers
empowering our community
and building a more resilient local food economy for all!
We will maintain our high standards of transparency and communication.
Expansion will further our mission and our vision.
Expansion will strengthen our local economy.
Expansion will strengthen our
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