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Who Am I? HEAL - Oct 2013

No description

PE MrHepworth

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Who Am I? HEAL - Oct 2013

Semester One
Who am I?
Why am I unique?
Today's learning objectives
To be able to describe situations that make me happy.
To explain what makes me upset/angry and how i deal with those situations.
To develop my understanding of how i behave in view of others.
To be a better friend to people around me.
Dictionary definition:

“To have regard for or appreciation of a person’s worth; to honor, to esteem, to be courteous and be considerate to”

Do you respect yourself?
You have all been given a small work book.

This is your work.
It is about you.

But who are you?
Lets find out.

You have 5mins to complete the first 5 pages.... GO

Good Things/Bad Things
Please turn to the worksheet (B10) with this heading.

You are ALL good students.
You have so much to give.
Do you do your best ALL the time?

Make a list in each quadrant of the worksheet.

Are you in control of your life?

Ask your teachers for help if you don't understand.
You now have 5 mins to complete up to 'Hitting me hard'.
Hitting me hard.

Write down 5 things at the top that make you mad.
Maybe it's 5 things in school.... people calling you names.....people pushing in the corridors.....
Maybe at home.... can't get in to the bathroom on a morning.... brother/sister taking your things....
Kid President Part II......

Only if you can complete the next piece of work quickly and with good behaviour.
This booklet is to help you.
It is also to help people around you. Your teachers. Your friends. People in your seminar group.

Your HLC's care greatly about you and want to help you to become even more amazing.
You can help by being honest and helpful with the information you put in your booklet.
We're calling the booklet ....
The Me Passport.

It will help us to help you.
Where do you want to go in life?
Do you even know? No problem.

Most of your teachers probably didn't know what they wanted to be when they were in Yr8 too.....
But in March you will be choosing your options for GCSE.
Please complete the
Back to the Future worksheet.

You have 5mins.
Discuss with your friends. Maybe they can give you ideas. Maybe your teachers can help.....

Do we have time for Kid President?
It's Black History Month, right?

Listen to Kid President and listen for the important information in this next video....
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