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Copy of Travel & City Landscape

No description

Zubaida Baz

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Travel & City Landscape

Pros for drones
Drones are safer and cheaper to use than using our own military force.
Drone strikes are legal under international law
They can also save lives
They can contribute to a safer infrastructure maintenance
they can give media access to hard-to-reach places
they can do useful photography from a bird's eye view
they can be used for wild life research
they can be used to monitor the highways
Types of Transportation

When in London, "the Tube" is a great means of getting around!
First Class seat :
the most luxurious class.
On the train
A guard :
The person who will checks and stump your ticket for you.
What does a drone look like?
What is a drone?
By Mark Vargas, David Wolfe, and Zubaida Baz
an unmanned aircraft or ship that can navigate autonomously, without human control or beyond line of sight:
Pros Continuation
They can be used to aid firemen, police officers, farmers, movie directors, and photographers
They also have great accuracy
They also have a built in GPS
Youtube Video: DRONES John Oliver
Cons for drones
Flag of Iraq
Drone strikes creates more terrorists then they kill
they target individuals that may not be terrorist or enemy combatants
Drone strikes kill large amount of civilians and scare the local people.
They are also very secretive
Cons for Drones
Con Continuation
The battery life has very short capacity
They can easily do damage to people, animal, and property below
they have no safe landing
the speed isn't great either
Invasion of people's privacy
Con Continuation 2
Drone takeover
it can cause warfare
They cannot communicate
they cant capture enemies, abandon hardware, and military bases
Oliver, John. "DRONES." Youtube. 7 Sept. 2008.
Web. 24 Jan. 2015.
Video of President Obama: drone strikes have saved lives
Obama, Barack. "Drone strikes have saved lives" Youtube. 24 May. 2014. Web. 24 Jan. 2015
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