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What is a Summer's Day?

No description

Montana Mang

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of What is a Summer's Day?

It's the ice cream dripping down the cone on a hot day,
the scrapped knees and grass stains.
It's the blalckened soles of feet as my brother races down the street.
It's the sweet taste of lemonade left lingering in my mouth.
It's the fireflies dancing at dusk.
Its the perfect combination of shorts and tank tops along with the stickiness of Banana Boat sunscreen.
What is a Summer Day?
Montana Mang

It's the smell of bug spray wafting through the air.
It's Mama yelling "It's time for dinner!"
It's families gathered around a barbeque
It's catching a glimpse of a shooting star and making a wish.
It's the memories being made over the creation of s'mores.
It's catching a glimpse of a shooting star and making a wish.
It's ending the day covered in a mixture of dirt and sweat.
It's staying up as long as you can to get most of the day.
It's the restless nights and wishing for tomorrows.
It is a summer's day.
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