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market plan

No description

Viraj Bhatti

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of market plan

before we go further there are two key points to establish: 1.Route to market 2. The target audience(s) it's a bit of a chicken & egg situation... direct Vs channel CLAIM ???? Multi-channel route inevitable the increase in popularity of 'bespoke booking' AND explosion of web use for travel info & booking means we can't ignore direct the reach, reputation and power of key, luxury tour operators (e.g. Kuoni, H&J etc) means a channel plan must also be adopted BUT Chicken or egg? DEFINE AUDIENCE FIRST.
unerstanding your customers, knowing where and how they work, rest & play means you can target them more efficiently. That's better meassaging, better media choices and in turn better ROI! OR DEFINE ROUTE FIRST.
by defining a route to market from the outset, you can establish clean messaging, clean infrastructure and eliminate channel conflict What do we already know So now for some detail... The target audience As mentioned, if you really know your target audience and segment them accordingly; you can target them more effectively. Media is EXPENSIVE so let's use it wisely. An ad costing £1 in a publication with 10,000 readers might seem like a good deal next to an ad that costs £1000 in a publication with 1,000. But if the cheap ad is not read or (worse still) the publication does not have the right image, it's just wasted money... Segmenting our customer base to segment them, let's stereotype them: 1.LUXURY HOLIDAY MAKERS: repeaters 2.LUXURY HOLIDAY MAKERS: one offs 3.LUXURY HOLIDAY MAKERS: dialysis 4.BUSINESS CONFRENCERS 5.CHARITABLE ORGANISATIONS & TRUSTS 6.KEY INFLUNCERS Split into age groups A. older, retired/semi-retired couples NOTE: with multiple channels comes potential channel conflect. This is a potential constraint and needs to be managed from the outset.
1. Set RRP and ensure adhered to.
2. ensure channel relationships are managed - regular contact is essential
3. ensure bookings are clearly defined.
4. discuss potential of channel booking repeating via direct - ensure channel contracts are not restrictive AND expensive!
5. Sorry - exclusive contracts not available. NOTE: with multiple channels comes the need for more complex infrastructure. BREED: CONVINCE-ME-TO-SPEND-IOUS NATURAL HABITAT: Suburbs and country dwellers. Often still have second home in cities or holiday home LIKES: golf, home and garden, traditional past times, John Lewis, cricket clubs INFLUENCER: Mrs Convince-me-to-spend-ious, However, now retired, Mr takes more interest DECISION MAKER:
Mr Convince-me-to-spend-ious HOW DO WE HOOK THEM: Unique experience, comfort and luxury from the point of booking, all taken care of HOW DO WE TRAP THEM: Through educational/advertorial advertising in the classics, Times, S.Times, Country Life etc

GOOD TO TEST: advertorials in trusted/specialist magazines e.g. John Lewis, photography etc OFFER/MARKET MATCH:
1. MEWL, 2. Package MEWL&MEIOR KEY MESSAGE: Comfort and luxury -
luxury/all inclusive is key over price PRIMARY MEDIA: Quality press and DM, they are still part of the dm revoloution, lists e.g. Boden SUPPORT MEDIA: specialist press e.g John Lewis KEY INFRASTRUCTURE ELEMENTS:
1. Likely to book via respected tour operators.
2. book online, but require brochure, telephone support and printed aknowledgements DIRECT COMPETITION:
Tried and trusted Safari resorts e.g. &Beyond INDIRECT COMPETITION:
Holiday home, cruises, special interest holidays
e.g. walking tours PRELIIMINARY PROFITABILITY RANKING: Masai Mara Wilderness Lodges by ABI WATSON A luxury, and we mean luxury, safari lodge in Kenya with amazing USPs: 1. The location; OK there are plenty of safari lodges. Most have stunning views, and boast excellent service. But think higher, higher still...try 1000ft higher. There is only one nestled at the top of Oloololo Siria escarpment. Cleverly designed to blend in and even enhance the environment. As for the view...you simply have to experience it 2. The dialysis centre 3. The conference centre; Is this confirmed? 4. The unique experience; vehicles, fine dining etc 5. The foundation; is this still happening? B. Middle aged, no kids or kids no longer dependent CORE GROUP PROPOSITION life changing * holistic * spiritual * relaxing * exhilarating holidays underpinned by excellent service and supreme luxury The flagship resort... The calming ocean hideaway... no let up on the luxury here, this resort is designed to ensure guests reignite their love affair with life. A very private, tranquil retreat in a stunning beach side setting where guests can forget about the daily bussle of life and wander the white sandy beaches, enjoy relaxing spa treatments or indulge in deep sea fishing. All in the knowledge that their every needs are catered for with luxury and finess. 1. the private beach 2. the palatial suites and three pools 3. The private beach house 4. The dialysis centre 5. wedding and honeymoon location 6. spa go hand in hand for a twin site package AND

The new Baraka Camp promises excitement and adventure all the way. After a thrilling day communing with lions, elephants and cheetah kick back and relax in the comfort of your luxury lodge. Savour a delicious meal and leisurely drink over looking the Talek River and unwind as you listen to the enchanting sounds of the wallowing hippos. GET CLOSER TO THE ACTION 1. River side location 2. See the unique wildlife from a different perspective with exhilerating activities like quad bike tours and walking safaris. 3. Still experience the luxury with excellent food, drink and hospitality Marketing plan: now for the products THE CORE THEME... luxury what is luxury and how do we create it? 1. THE TANGIBLE ASPECTS
the look and feel...the fabrics...the colours...the furnishings...the food
In advertising terms - the paper quality, the inks, the typefaces etc 2. THE INTANGIBLE ASPECTS
how it makes guests feel - the service, the messaging...right down to the choice of words...PLUS...the price in advertising terms - the associations with media titles, the imagery, the timing and the offers Luxury is also when things 'just work'. From the booking processes throughout the stay and afterwards THE PURPOSE OF ANY BUSINESS: To acquire, retain and grow customers at a profit OFFER/MARKET MATCH CONTROL OF ACQUISITION CONTROL OF RETENTION & GROWTH PROFIT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT OF KEY CONSTRAINTS what we offer that matches our customers needs/wants how, where and when we acquire new customers how we keep our customers and increase their potential spend with us keeping an eye on everything that has a SIGNIFICANT impact on profit - positive & negative how we manage and overcome constraints, both internally imposed & externally imposed and being able to control the flow part of understanding OMM, is understanding our CORE PROPOSITION and our PRODUCTS as they are and not having to worry about things an overview of the market 1. the luxury travel market 2. the dialysis travel market highlights from recent global travel reports highlights from recent Kenya/ domestic economic and travel inductry reports highlights from recent dialysis travel reports? how the current economic climate has affected these markets? conclusions -
where should we focus multi channel diagram BREED: TIME-TO-SPEND-IOUS NATURAL HABITAT: suburbs, city appartments LIKES: golf, travel, home interior design, new gadgets, social media INFLUENCER: Mrs and social peers DECISION MAKER: Mr HOW DO WE HOOK THEM:
Exclusivty and desireability HOW DO WE TRAP THEM: classics plus online versions, special interest press, social media BREED: GETTING-HITCHED-IOUS NATURAL HABITAT: city appartment in between, social gatherings, parties and latest celeb haunt LIKES: shiney things INFLUENCER: wedding mags, social peers and celeb gossip DECISION MAKER:
who's paying? HOW DO WE HOOK THEM:
romantic, exclusive, luxury, holistic for her
exclusive, exciting, indulgent, all taken care of for him HOW DO WE TRAP THEM: advertorial/editorial wedding mag and sites BREED: LIKES-TO-GET-DIRTI-OUS NATURAL HABITAT: City dweller LIKES: after a full on day in middle management, likes to peel off the suit and paste on the outdoors look ready for adventure - biking, running, climbing, snowboarding, photography INFLUENCER: peers and special interest groups DECISION MAKER: himself HOW DO WE HOOK THEM: promise of adventure, holistic, views, wildlife etc
Money is not an issue... HOW DO WE TRAP THEM: editorial/advertorial in special interest e.g. photography (on and offline) BREED: SO-IMPORTANT-IOUS NATURAL HABITAT: the office... LIKES: sharp suits and simple classic jewlellry, the latest pda, and anything else that can help with their need for supreme organisation INFLUENCER:
they are the influencer DECISION MAKER:
their boss - likely to be a board director HOW DO WE HOOK THEM:
The ultimate private conference venue
Cost/Value is a key factor HOW DO WE TRAP THEM: explanatory advertising and telephone/ relationship building OFFER/MARKET MATCH:
MEWL, MEWL&MEIOR Package KEY MESSAGE: Treat yourself, 'me-time', indulge in luxury, holistic, relaxing, ultimate experience PRIMARY MEDIA: Online broadsheets and midmarket, special interest and luxury mags online, social media SUPPORT MEDIA:
press versions, DM and email KEY INFRASTRUCTURE ELEMENTS:
online, rich content, brochure back up. Still go to reputable tour ops and may still need telephone support DIRECT COMPETITION:
luxury safari and beach INDIRECT COMPETITION:
1. MEIOR, 2. MEIOR&MEWL package possible 3. MEIOR&Baraka package? KEY MESSAGE:
exclusive, romantic, private wedding and/or honeymoon package PRIMARY MEDIA:
Specialist wedding press/online, wedding fares and social media SUPPORT MEDIA:
online booking, brochure, wedding planner DIRECT AND INDIRECT COMPETITION:
countless....all wedding and honeymoon destinations PRELIIMINARY PROFITABILITY RANKING: OFFER/MARKET MATCH:
1. Baraka 2. MEWL KEY MESSAGE:
Get closer to the action PRIMARY MEDIA:
special interest including photography and wildlife, national geographic etc
on and offline, social media SUPPORT MEDIA:
all other safari lodges INDIRECT COMPETITION:
Conference facility with the most amazing backdrop.
*need to ensure the experience outweighs the cost PRIMARY MEDIA:
Specialist titles e.g. Business and Incentive traveller etc, social media/business networking media e.g. LinkedIn SUPPORT MEDIA:
DM, email, trade fares and inflight magazines worth testing, possibly attendance at key shows KEY INFRASTRUCTURE ELEMENTS:
preliminary visit, Online booking, telephone support, account manager/organiser DIRECT COMPETITION:
personal contact WHO ARE THEY: WHO ARE THEY:
bodies, societies etc HOW DO WE REACH THEM? Now we understand our customer base what's the acquisition plan? link to sample plan doc!! we need a budget! before we can run...
INFRASTRUCTURE key tactical initiatives PR PLAN channel management plan Retention & Growth plan: direct marketing can have a huge positive or negative impact external constraints the current unrest and negative impression of Kenya Questions? maintaining our image
and brand next step GOOD: 2011 saw hotels and resorts enjoying good occupancy rates, up on 08/09 GOOD: 2011 saw improvement/rebound of business travel. CAUTION: 2011 European and American middle class are reducing their travel budgets - want more for their money OPPORTUNITY: India, China and Brazil (where the economies are stable or increasing) have seen growth in expenditure on travel IMPORTANT: ecommerce continues to play an extremely important role in travel sector, making booking more convenient and more cost-effective for travel products. Today's hotel chains are offering powerful online reservation systems, with rich features, multiple levels of photos and descriptions and the ability to earn rewards. GOOD: in economic terms the country continues to move from strength to strength. 2010 Economy expanded 6.1% y-on-y, projected 2011 +6.0% y-on-y and 2012 +6.3% y-on-y GOOD: after taking a battering in 2007, Kenya tourism is recovering well, 2010 saw an increase and 2011 is set to report historical highs in vistor numbers and revenue figures* *NOTE: report was before recent spate of bad news reports from the Lamu/Somalian border regions OPPORTUNITY: Visitors to Kenya are largerly
drawn from other parts of Africa and head
to IO beach areas around Mombasa.
Out with Africa, tourists come from:
1. UK
2. Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Italy)
3. US OPPORTUNITY: The establishment of a new route servicing Rome by Kenya Airways is a sign that the industry is slowly
moving away from
the reliance on UK
visitors OPPORTUNITY: Kenya is also developing a position as a conference venue within East Africa. In January 2011, TPS East Afric, operator of Serena Hotels, announced that it had opened what it claims are East Africa's first tele-presence suites. OPPORTUNITY: Budget air carriers such as Fly540 are expanding to bring tourists from within Africa to the Mombasa region we should apportion the majority of our direct advertising budget on the markets we know:
60% UK
20% europe (key countries)
20% us
NOTE: EUROPE AND US SHOULD BE ON A STRICT TEST AND ROLL OUT BASIS we need to develop the emerging markets, China, India, Brazil etc through key third party/channel partners We need to ensure channel relationships within Africa are developed and maintained multi channel diagram: Dialysis Customers DECISION MAKING TREE:
Will compare to others,
star rating?
once convinced, will usually return to the same 'comfort' place 2 1 provided we can retain them
infrastructure may prove detramental to profit ranking 3 potentially a No 1
depending on wedding/honeymoon and convertion to repeaters 2 BREED: UNKNOWN a diverse cross-section, only common factor is need for dialysis INFLUENCER:
medical professionals? DECISION MAKER:
individual HOW DO WE HOOK THEM: dialysis does not stop the experience of the Mara and Indian Ocean HOW DO WE TRAP THEM: editorial/advertorial in specialist press, forums and tour operators OFFER/MARKET MATCH:
dialysis centres to highest UK standards with 24 hour support PRIMARY MEDIA:
special interest press on and offline, specialist tour operators. DM SUPPORT MEDIA:
telephone and medical rep/advisor DIRECT COMPETITION:
worldwide dialysis centres PRELIIMINARY PROFITABILITY RANKING: 4 3 ? ? ? ? and consistency...of style and service detailed information of how to get there and what is needed with links to travel partners e.g.
Kenya Airways, Virgin etc 'live chat' or 'call me back' facility' to manage telephone support feature rich website with full booking facility flexible, saleable packages glossy images showing the experience AND lots of detail of the accomodation so customers can picture themselves there
Plus a video walk through of each resort live view of the the resort...see what's happening right now
WITH social media auto posting Launch party with key journalists (see profiles) consider competition with full editorial coverage over a series of issues with publications e.g. What Digital Camera placement in special editions and long life issues e.g. Nat Geographic books go viral...
spread the word regular tweets and posts newsworthy proposition and actionable online souvenir shop for before, during and after trip with delivery to home encourage 'like us' and spread the word regular newsletters and personalised updates upsell opportunities at point of booking including excursions birthday and anniversary offers and messaging online store to buy the essentialas for your safari or beach trip and have them delivered to your suite - cuts down on luggage consider loyalty programme with rewards and offers discuss animal & initiative adoption
re Foundation always know what is being spent: strict approval process roll out test analyse evaluate change or exploit approved budget approved plan based on budget CLARITY
AND FOCUS particularly weddings & honeymoons
gifts it's all about ROI internal constraints first impressions count ADVERTISING
Strict quality control
associations via channel management onsite tangibles:
shop goods
etc once clarity achieved ONSITE INTANGIBLES:
delivering on our claims
follow up brand book with strict guidelines communication draft
plan establish
brand book understanding of lines of authority Budget
timing empowerment BUILD RELATIONSHIP: meet and greet key partners EVALUATION
Performance Vs Cost
Cost per booking MARKETING
a portal for logos, imagery, guidelines etc
funding? SELECTION
Establish criteria for channel partners MAINTAINING FOCUS Ongoing relationship buidling and communication staying top of their sales list LOCATE & EVALUATE
Find potential partners in the key markets then evaluate againgst the criteria - including understanding what support they require to make bookings
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