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A Animal Cell Is Like A City By Galmandakh U.

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Galmandakh Unurbaatar

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of A Animal Cell Is Like A City By Galmandakh U.

by Galmandakh Unurbaatar A Animal Cell Is Like A City The mayor controls what happens in a city like how a nucleus controls every action of the cell. The Nucleus Is Like The Mayor of the City The ground keeps the city together like how the cytoplasm holds the important things for the cell together. The Cytoplasm Is Like The Surface of the City The power plant produces power for the city like how the mitochondria provides energy for the cellular process. The Mitochondria is like a Power Plant in the City The endoplasmic reticulum helps and also produce protein just like how a worker in a food-factory make food for the factory and for their family too. The ER is like the Workers inside the Food-Factory The lysosome break down waste so it doesn't build up like how the trash men pick up trash so they would make their city a clean place. The Lysosome are the Trash-Men of the City The vacuole stores water for the cell like how a water tower stores water for the people in the city. The Vacuole is like the Water Tower in a City The ground The Ribosomes are like the Food Factories of the City Food factories produce food like how the Ribosomes produce protein. The Golgi Body is like the Post Office in the City The Golgi Body packs its modified proteins and ships it to a different part of the cell like a post office. A animal cell is like a city because both functions of the places have things in common. The Cell Membrane is like
The City Fence The City Fence keeps certain things
from entering the city just like how
the Cell Membrane keeps certain things
from entering the cell.
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