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Mariam Tripods: The White Mountains

No description


on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Mariam Tripods: The White Mountains

The White Mountains
10 Vocabulary Words
Scope: Space for movement or activity.
Subdue: To bring under mantal or emotional control/ to overpower by superior force/ to conquer.
Carboniferous: A time period where dinosaurs lived.
Hovering: To hang fluttering in the air or on the wing.
Intriguing: Extremely interesting.
Rapt: Lifted up and carried away.
Lagged: A big space between something or someone.
Clang: To make a loud metallic ringing sound.
Melancholy: A sad or gloomy mood or condition.
Disquieting:To make someone worried or nervous.
10 Vocabulary Words
Swarthy: Dark
Slaughterhouse: A building or place where animals are butchered for food.
Sulking: To remain silence.
Blazing: Burning brightly.
Gurgled: To flow in a broken.
Cobbles: Coal in lumps.
Flint: A hard stone.
Reshuffles: A scraping movement.
Doused: To plunge into water.
Docile: Easy managed.
10 Vocabulary Words
Archaic: Marked by the characteristics of an earlier period of time.
Despite: Malice, hatred.
Snug: Limited in time.
Stealthy: Done.
Granted: To agree
Elders: Of high rank.
Mesh: Any knit.
Thatch: A covering of such a material.
Stitching:Mending by means of sewing.
Parchment: A manuscript or document on such material.

Main Character of the book and what makes it the main character
The main character of this book is called Will Parker. He is the main character because the book talks more about him. Will is the main character because the story talks about his perspective. He is the main character too because he is the one who does the most action. He is the one who goes to the White Mountains.

Was the main character good or bad?
The main character of the book was good because he
Tripods: The White Mountains
By: John Christopher
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