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French and Indian War

My little prezi on the French and Indian War.

Galen Sulistyo

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of French and Indian War

French and Indian War Sides of the War England & Colonies Indians on both sides France Battle of Quebec Map Map of Territories Map of Montreal Maps George Washington Generals Louis-Joseph de Montcalm Braddock William Shirley N.A. Tribes in the War Mi'kmaq Abenaki Iroquois Confederation Delaware Shawnee Catawba Creek Choctow Cherokee Huron Mississippi Ojibwa Winnebago Potawatomi 1754-1763 France Falkland Islands New Orleans French Guiana After the war, Britain gained control of French Canada and Acadia, an area with approximately 80,000 French speaking Roman Catholic residents. After deportation started in 1755, land opened up to new European immigration. The British relocated the Acadians to each of these countries The war nearly doubled Britain's debt Hoping to get some extra revenue, they issued taxes and acts This is one factor that lead to the American Revolution. Consequences Military defeat and financial burden helped contribute to the French Revolution The defeat of the French elliminated a strong ally for the Indians. What Native Americans weren't relocated, left their land because they didn't want to live by the British rules and laws 1st General of war 2nd General following death of Braddock France American Colonies Britain Britain 1732- 1799 1712-1759 1695-1755 1694-1777
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